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All the greatest hits use 4 chords

Sammy D

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And that's the problem, as I see it. No-one cares for the beauty that comes with complexity. They don't want to try and explore, they want it handed to them on a platter, like a pre-made TV dinner: no effort in enjoying it.

But we're getting solidly off-topic here. :o

I don't think it's that off topic. I agree that there is something to be said for enjoyment through more attentive/concentrated/open-minded/etc listening styles. A composer once described this more attentive listening to me as "being confronted with something that is indeed true [that is, enjoyable] but not something you would probably have imagined to be true before hand." He then compared effortless listening to "sitting in front of the TV and gobbling up the lies you want Fox News to tell you over and over." I don't necessarily agree with those connotations, but it's a good illustration.

I think there needs to be a distinction between something that is complex and something that requires attentive, even strained concentration to enjoy. Pop music may be easy to listen to and may not be the most harmonically complex, but it certainly has more timbral variety today than anything in human history (imo). On the other hand, something like Quartet for the End of Time that takes more attention to enjoy than pop music is using the oldest, most inoffensive (and some would say tired) timbral palette available. My point is, regardless of the effort involved in listening, there is complexity and nuance to be found in all styles.

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This video inspired me to write a song in this progression during my lunch break. Ended up with something pretty cool to show my co-worked how simple some basic part of music can be. Thank god I made a mistake and ended up with a different progression. Bwhahaha happy mistakea are the best!

Thanks for posting the vid dude!

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