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OCR01227 - Final Fantasy IX "Shepherd Won't Alone"


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Honestly, I didn't care for this mix nearly as much as Sonicade's 'You Are Not Confined.'

To me, Sonicade's effort had this raw, uncut feel that this track seems to lack.

While this is a good piece, I am not 100% on whether or not it really does justice to the original song in the 'grinding rock' manner that the original track aimed at being. If you tear that badassness (yes, I am making up words now) out of the song, it kind of detracts from the whole feel.

So in conclusion, it makes the playlist, but it's certainly not the greatest mix of this track that I've heard.

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Yes, Sonicade's was incredible - but that isn't the piece in question.

This is undoubtedly a great song, and I especially enjoyed the melody's intro done in harp.

Being a huge fan of orchestral music, this really hit the spot, except the change around 2:07 - it seemed to change a bit too much and would've preferred the flutes to continue, even if that would've sounded redundant.

I'm guessing this is where the remixer "left off" before, but still a solid piece of work.

I give it a 6/10.

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I really like the woodwind arpeggios at the beginning. Very nice harmonization at 1:18, though I would have been a bit more daring with the harmonization from the very start (but then, that's a individual stylistic issue). The song lost a lot of its momentum at around 2:07. Some of that came back with the choral sound about 20 seconds later, but you didn't sustain it long enough. 3:18 went nice, but that could stand to be longer too.

In short, I would try varying the harmony more and extend some parts that can go places, like the one at 3:18. Nice nonetheless; I'd give this a 70/100 if I had to rate it numerically.

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Reminds me of the music quality in FFVII, Maby FFVI, which where not bad at all. Aside from that, the song itself has a great melody and very well done. If i didn't know it was a remix of, one, of Uematsu's songs, i would have thought it could have been one of his. That it in itself shows you did a fantastic job.

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Hello everyone,I'm Tuba Lin.

I'm sorry about my English isn't well.

I come from Taiwan.I'm glad I can share my remix here.

I use flute patch a lot because it is good enough for use

in the music as a single solo instrument patch.

There are other solo instruments patch in 8850,

but they are suck.They can be used in some situation with

other patch,but not for a single solo part.

My sound card is Sound Blaster Live Value 5.1.

I use cakewalk 9.0 to compose and Sound Forge 5.0 to record.

How can I prove recording quality?

I know gigasampler is a good software for use,but I bought

my computer several years ago,the PIII-500 cpu isn't fast enough

for gigasampler.

I only played FF9 for about 20 hours,and You're Not Alone

track stay in my heart until now.

One day while I was riding home,an idea came to me.This

is 00:24 to 00:47.Then I found I also need a prelude,and

its came to me while waiting the trffic light.

I began to work after I arrived home.I have done most part

from 00:00 to 00:47.

Playing game is great fun,so is remix/compose music,but

playing game is easy and relax,and remix/compose makes

me feel good but very tired.I have to think about many

things about hamorny,balance,tempo and so on.

These things made me left the remix for about 1 or 2 years.

Its is easier to put a disc in my PS2 instead of opening


One day while I was listening the OC remixes I suddenly

realize that I should arrange something for submission

to OCR,so I continued the remix.

I was thinking about a big change after 2:07,but things

went different while I was making this part.Another

idea came in so it became to this kind of music that you

hearing now.

I have heared a music called "Lonly Shepherd" in both

Nana's album and Kill Bill OST.Its a great piece about

"lonely" and "sacrifice".

Hero in legend or fantasy story usually need to save

someone or a country,sometimes even whole world,so I

think hero is a kind of shepherd.But our hero won't

be alone,that is why I named it with "Shepherd Won't Alone".

I learned a lot of skill while making this remix.

This is a great experience.

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I joined just so I could leave this comment. And my comment boils down to one word: Goosebumps.

That's what I was left with at 1:15 when the flutes come in doing their countermelody. Holy goddamned shiznizzle they were amazing. I'm listening to it for my FIFTH time now in a row (normally I'll listen to a whole game and then go and pick out my favourites but this...this is CRAZY!) and the goosebumps aren't getting any smaller. If I had one piece of advice for the mixer, I'd say DO MORE!

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Where to start?

Well, making sense, lets start with the intro. It's original, and decent. Good job there.

After that we get the melody put on repeat for the remainder of the song.

Aside from some new harmonies, a drum beat, and a change in instruments, there isn't much different than the original. I was bored before 2:00 had passed, usually not a good sign.

My original feelings of this song for the OSV version was "It's not long enough." With this version my thoughts are "Please God, when will this song end?"

Good attempt, I'd say a 4/10 for being able to change the style.

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Tuba Lin delivers a powerful piece in the tune of "You're Not Alone!" packed with his own variation to it. This orchestral twist to the song is bold and inviting and just as catchy as the original.

It starts off with a a few drums to open, then a gentle and relaxing flute steals the show but not for long, as the drums return and carry on. It's almost like the drums and flute "agree" to work together, and what we get next is the drums playing to add body to the main "You're Not Alone!" beat, while the flutes incorporate a unique and very original interpretation to it, a soul so to speak.

You all might call me crazy, but the real 'masterpiece' of this mix, is at 2:08 - where the tempo slows down. Sure some got bored at this part, but this is where the mixer, Tuba Lin, begins to interpertate the piece to make it his own. Not much to say, up until 2:42 where we get another original/unique interp. of an organ-y type intrument to take the regular beat just one step further. Ten seconds later, that flute returns to make very good original translations/additions to the song. It continues to do it's thang and I can't get over how he was able to move away from the original track to make very powerful changes, yet stay close enough to it to maintain the "You're Not Alone!" appeal that hooked us all to that song.

The song begins to come to an end, with the flute and percussion continuing their "snazz" until the flute wraps it all up.

It's hard to describe how I listen to this song, but I heavily believe that this song would appeal to everyone who didn't like it too much if they listen to the underlying additions, as opposed to trying to stay close to the original beat. As my review shows (hopefully), that this is one of those rare songs where the beauty of it is in it's subtleties rather than it's connection to the original.

[PS. I'm not very good with intrument identification =P]

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For something less than 4 minutes, Tuba Lini packed a lot of content into his remix. I think it is well arranged. If I have to rank all the songs I put on my playlist such that the average is 6/10, I would give this a 9/10.

"You Are Not Confined" by Sonicade was certainly good, but only in a standard way. It is a result of presentation tweaking whereas Shpherd is a result of musical inspiration.

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I think this is an excellent remix. True that it doesn't have the same feeling that the original was going for, but I have a certain respect for people who try something new, even if there are people who don't really like it.

The Jenova remix from FF7 that was done in Piano is a good example. Listining to the original version of that, a piano remix is quite possibly the farthest thing from my mind, and I am a pianist. But regardless, I enjoyed it.

This song is very nice because it's differant. It isn't as noisy (not in a bad way) as the original, and yet it's packed with emotion and feeling. I very much enjoy this remix, and I feel that Tuba Lin has done a great job, remixing a song and not only making a remix of it, but a remix that is differant enough from the original to be apprecited independantly while still "knowing its roots."

Keep up the excellent work. 9/10.


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Cool that at least someone came up with the idea to make a orchestral version of YNA. Tuba has slowed the speed of it to make it more peaceful, and then added some neat flutes, great cymbals and marchdrums to give this remix an respectful attitude. But I gotta admit, it did get a little repetive at the end, but since I already downloaded it, I obviously didn´t care.

Thanks TL.

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I think the flute was a little too loud and seemed to be on top of the song rather than in it, but I absolutely loved the tempo changes; very classy and well executed. The counter-melodies were excellent, and though i'm pretty sick of this specific theme, the care that went into this mix really makes it rise above. Some of the transitions were a little abrupt, and I think a little more use of dynamics would have improved the mix, but the great textures and original writing won me over.

Awesome interpretation! :-)

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Absolutely spectacular. no other remix on this site for this song captured the emotion feel this song is meant to project, as it's meant to come from the heart, which is what the song is trying to express in my opinion, yet this one pulled it off perfectly. One of my favourite OC remixes to date.

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR01227 - Final Fantasy IX "Shepherd Won't Alone"

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