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Ye Olde Sig Shoppe - * sig requests* (read first post)


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I'd love to help make sigs too, but chances are they'd be subpar.

Seriously, try, and you'll improve. Don't say, they're subpar. How do you think we all start? I started making sig around the time when joyzilla, cap'n hulk and dew. were still active. That didn't stop me from trying. I also remember looking at bummer's improvement. People around there are always glad to give you advice and constructively criticize your work. So jump in the pond and try to swim. we all have a unique skill and the more the merrier.

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I don't even want to remember how bad I was back then. I tended to so over the top with my early work that half the time it took too long to load.

If you pursue it to the end though, you will find your style and you will succeed. :)

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Broken, there's my attempt, hope you like it. Any constructive criticism?

I like it overall. I would've made Bison a little less trasnparent because he's kind of the center peice, and the colors seem drab. Maybe that was my fault for asking for red and blue. I think some more white or silver would've brightened things up a bit, though.

You didn't really have to put my name in the banner, but thanks anyway.

I'm very grateful. It's better looking than anything I could come up with. That's for certain :>.

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Ahoy mate. Ye olde Pirate Queen is looking for an artist kind enough to combine a few things for her sig. If I could, could I please get a sig combining these pictures, with 'The Pirate Queen' OR 'Slut' stamped onto it? Please PM me if willing to help out!



Edit: I have more pictures if wanting to throw a few more ideas into the same sig.

2nd Edit: Changed the symbol, first meant lust but was easy to mistake for 'beef' which was stupid.

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