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OCR01230 - Street Fighter II "Ryu for Four Pianos"


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Yeah its good to hear something real. I enjoy this piece, but agree with the main vibe here.. I would have liked this to have been brought together a little tighter. I think I'm just wanting to hear distinct instruments working together in one song, you know, feeling each other, instead of different layers getting it right.

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It's all about talent peeps! This is a very distinct and I love a good rocking piece of piano music. The flaws only make this better in some respect, for first takes it only says Reuben is a proffesional at heart. The tune wasn't exactly the best pick but this really does come up trumps and goes outstanding. Classy. I wish the end was a little more together but hey try this yourself. A* with a cherry and a banana...perhaps a mango too.

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Ah, Ryu Stage - done to death, but always interesting. Here are my feelings on this ReMix.

0:00 - 0:42

Very pretty, but too much pedal. Each measure runs into the other.


Oooh! Life!

0:51 - 0:58

Whoa! Soul! I can finally see Ryu's inner turmoil beneath his cool and always calm exterior. The chaos ends with a deep breath at 0:58 and ..

0:59 - 1:44

The heart and soul of Ryu's theme. This is the part I can almost sing along to - and am glad for that. The section seems to evoke an image of ryu's standing stance, bouncing in time to the music, then jumping (1:00), punching (triplet fierce at 1:02), blocking (1:05), kicking (1:09) .. each change in background noise perfectly complements the theme. And Ryu's energy has never been higher.

1:45 - 2:00

Ryu's just landed a few punches now and is circling his opponent, sizing him up, and scaring the crap out of him at what he's going to do next. Ryu moves in ...


A SHO-RYU-KEN connects. Just a small one, because Ryu's not showing off.

2:01 - 2:09

As the dragon punch hits, the opponent falls to the ground in slow motion, complete with death wail. Excellent emotion on the piano for this section while keeping Ryu's theme triumphant.

2:09 - 2:40

Ryu looks once at his fallen opponent, then without a word walks away. "The fight is everything," and now that it's over, Ryu has nothing left but contemplation. The pedal problem returns during this section, but sounds a little better except around 2:37.

2:40 - 3:23

Ryu, somehow sensing a fight brewing on the other side of town, leaps into action to get there. With blinding speed, he runs through the town, stopping at nothing until he arrives. The song closes with him standing in an open doorway with his cross-armed winning pose, headband flapping in the breeze, and a steely close-up on his focused eyes.

Also for humor - 3:11, he runs over Mario on his way through the town. Can't you hear the little coins he knocks out of Mario's pocket? That's what I heard, anyway! :)

All in all, it is a very good, high energy arrangement. I felt the pedal during the slow parts was overused, but the faster parts made up for that. Also, the multitude of pianos, while full-sounding, did kind of muddle the sound together. It took a few listens in order to hear all the different parts. Excellent volume dynamics among all four parts, and good expansion on the theme.

Thanks, Reuben!

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Ryu's theme..Remixes for it aren't few and far between, but this is one that I could actually feel emotion from. The opening was done well and had a majestic feel to it, and it just built up from there. I did think that near the end around 2:40, it sounded to me like it was a lil crammed together there, but still played out ok. Overall a really decent mix that conveys the sutble emotion in this song nicely, Good Work.

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The beginning sounds like "Yanni does Ryu." Very cool, and very fun for the ears. I'm not used to hearing several takes of a live piano at once, so my mind seems to accept that it is one person performing one take, and this just adds to the effect. The 2:25ish breakdown was really touching. The schizophrenic ending was pretty cool too. Quality material, and a great recording of your piano.

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Whoo I love the piano quartet! It is a bit extreme at parts, but thats what makes this song interesting, it goes from the seeming norm of having one speed for the entire song, and sends the music speeds out in controlled "waves". Heh. this could even be thought of as Ryu's training, in that it follows a cycle of focused, and slower music preceding the "action" parts.

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8) I found this when I was downloading Piano Quartet Boss Battle Medley for the FF series and I'm happy I decided to grab this one too! It starts off quiet but then launches into a fast-paced tune that you'll want to listen to on repeat.

I have to hand it to you, Reu, you sure pick some great tracks for piano solos! I'm looking forward to more rearrangements from you in the future! :mrgreen:

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I admit, I am a chun li person (I always find a way to work in her rapid kick move into play.) But I enjoy Ryu's song and I think this captures his personality perfectly. I haven't, unfortunatly been able to learn any of his moves (could sum 1 pm them to me) so I could learn his story. I don't wanna have to go through the game using normal punches and kicks to learn it so :roll:

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR01230 - Street Fighter II "Ryu for Four Pianos"

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