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OCR02052 - Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney "True Evening"


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Sweet, sweet victory.

I too have never played any of these games. I also have been hearing a lot of Willrock lately, ironically it's not the genre of rock (like in his name), but the songs do a variation of "rocking" all of their own. Great synth usage and solos throughout the song. A couple fast runs in there that were impressive, if played with a midi keyboard. ;-) Ultra-melodic song, it does strike me as something similar to what you would hear in Christian music... And as a Christian, I mean that in the most non-offensive way possible. I'm not too familiar with 80s sitcoms, but if their themes were this good, then I really missed out.

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These are all things I would be saying if you'd actually played the game. Tut tut.


To answer any queries posted by people in this thread - No, the synth solo is sequenced (all my solos are), No, I wasn't born in the 80's but i'm probably the only guy who liked the big hair in the era who wasn't around in it, and yes, gap company, but this is the last remix I've used that patch in up to this point :P

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Ridiculously happy and upbeat song. The synths are incredibly cheesy, but it's not the kind of nasty, disgusting cheese, but the delicious, very tasty variety that these synths are smothered with.

I was around in the 80s, I enjoyed the big hair, I enjoyed the synths, I enjoyed the Phoenix Wright games. Perfect premise for enjoying this song.

Nice work.

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Sugary, happy, and upbeat beyond anything else, this is just one of those ReMixes I just can't listen to without smiling. It's a really good feeling ReMix and it does have a bit of that 80's sitcom feeling in it's melody. I'm down with anything that pays any kind of homage to 80's and puts a smile on my face, so I'm down with this ReMix for sure. Damn good.

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR02052 - Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney "True Evening"

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