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Donkey Kong Country Returns


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So it seems like any future iterations (DKCR2?) would be infinitely better if they stick to the basic design established in this one, add classic controller support and properly map the roll to a button, and add Diddy as a playable character in single player mode.

Hmmm... so why not just download DKC on the Virtual Console and play that instead?

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Sadly I don't have much time these days, and am having to take the game really slowly, but the farther I get the more impressed I am. Especially with the fast-paced nonstop levels (mine carts/rocket barrels). Those were always my favorites in the original trilogy, and they have so much going on here. This truly is an amazing and beautiful platformer. With better music and controls that felt a bit more natural, it could've been a masterpiece. Here's hoping ardently for the sequel.

I also rescind what I said about the enemies. While some of them are still generic-looking (the crabs, the moles), others are cute and loveable. I just adore the bats and those weird little blue things in the forest. And the struttin' turkeys on stilts.

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Jungle Beat is the non-music oriented, bongo-controller game that portrayed DK as a mindless ape punching his way through various Fruit worlds in his quest to become "king of the jungle". It's as if Nintendo Japan went out of it's way to totally shed every element of progress that Rare had injected into the series with the game.

That said, notice how the PAON-developed KoS and Jungle Climber retained a WHOLE lot more of what made the DKC games great, even without bringing over the series staple gameplay. Good man.

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There's also a Mr. Game and Watch character in the background of the steamy factory level :)

Okay, so I finished the game today. Spent about 15 hours total I guess.

Some levels are really, REALLY evil; I don't handle frustration well at all :P

Overall, I dunno, I guess the game is alright. I was a little sad when I realized that there were no real surprises since the few trailers I saw pretty much showed every single level there is T__T;

The roll thing definitely lacks the awesomeness of the original DKC. I get the mechanic, I just don't like it. Especially when I lose Diddy and I have to put an effort into making even the simplest jumps.

I may try and get those last secret levels (one more to unlock, and one more that I haven't beaten yet).

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Well, according to my sig, I seem to be playing this game. It is undoubtedly fantastic!

I'm almost to world 7, now. If I had to guess how many problems waggle has caused, I'd say...10 times. I've either gotten hurt or killed 10 different times during this playthrough. And that's counting the "K" levels, and every attempt I've made for all KONG letters and puzzle pieces. The complaints are understandable, but they're definitely overblown. They're not a deal breaker, by any means.

This game definitely surpassed my expectations (the ones I mentioned here a couple weeks ago). DKCR is definitely better than DKC1. At the moment, I'd say it's greater than or equal to DKC3 (in other words, it's the second banana, right behind my all-time favorite of DKC2). I'm really enjoying my time with the game, whether I play by myself, or with my sister tagging along as Diddy. I'm gonna take my sweet time with this game, it's a masterpiece! :-)

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Me and my friends beat it today.

The last world was a bitch and a half to beat- especially on co-op, that shit got hard, and fast.

The fact that DK jumps and drops like a bag of wet fucking cement didn't help things. Though the last boss was disappointingly easy once the pattern was down. The same can be said of all the game's bosses (and I was disappointed that they reused World 1's boss for World 6).

Now I gotta collect all the goodies, and I think that's gunna take a loooooong time.

Great game, though. Lots of fun, and probably underneath DKC2 as far as arbitrary rankings go. Retro once again gets all of my love.

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