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Kirby's Adventure: Rise of the Star - History


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Kirby Forever

A Venture Into Dreamland

An Upbringing of Kirby

Emerge the Kirby

The Process of the Puff

Transcend the Blob / Kirboid / Marshmallow / Puff (WTF is Kirby anyway??)

The Pink Puff Cometh

Composition in Kirby

Just some suggestions; I'll try to come up with more later. Hope you like these, anyway.

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Just pointing out that all these suggestions so far are lame.

This is much more difficult than it should be. I think we're trying to combine too many themes.


An Adventure


Something Celestial


That's just too much to stuff into a title of 2 or 3 words and any title longer sounds utterly stupid. It ain't impossible, but damn this is tough to title.

... <(0_0)>

I think I have something:

Kirby's Dreamband

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how about something like "transcendental transformations: a kirby's adventure project"? The puns are too obvious to really work, and I don't see any way to incorporate the fact that kirby is a pink puffball in the title without making it sound dumb.

EDIT: plus you have the whole power-acquiring thing kirby does implied with the word "transformations"

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"kirbylution" is just taking the word "evolution" and putting the word "kirby" there. Puns usually have to have some kind of double-meaning or at least sound like the original word. "Kirby's Dreamband" does, but it's a pretty lame pun and it doesn't encorporate any of the celestial-type stuff into the title.

so even though my title is harder to say, I'm going with "transcendental transformations" just because it relates to the celestial-type stuff, the evolution, and the fact that kirby transforms.

PS: yes, I am working on my song

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