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OCR02073 - Castlevania "You Gon' Get Whipped"


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ahhhh, new dhsu! this is great work as usual, and I'm happy to hear that you finally did one all by yourself :P

I love the schizophrenic tempo swells throughout the mix; really brings it all together nicely. not to mention the obvious achievement of taking a < 5 second source tune and turning it into something so expansive

great work; always a pleasure to see your name on the front page :nicework:

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I'm seriously considering proposing marriage to you, Dhsu.

I love the Amelie-esque take on the Castelvania theme.

Brillant work, as always, excellent job.



My girlfriend and I just watched that movie about a week and a half ago. I think it's a fairly good comparison to this piece. All it needs now is some accordion :razz:

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Nice classical elaboration on a what was originally a handful of notes. It's a sweet, brisk thing that obviously expands the material into a sustainable form.

Definitely didn't sense that it was a very challenging mix to make; I'm a fan of Dhsu and believe that this arrangement would be achievable for him while comatose, but not every piano rendition needs to be Shnababula levels of intricacy, particularly of a source of this simplicity. The little touches like the spacing between notes make it worth it.

This is fairly non-descript territory to be sure, but its always good to hear the ivory played well.

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR02073 - Castlevania "You Gon' Get Whipped"

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