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OCR02083 - Scribblenauts "NO (resub)"


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It's Protodome. It's therefore going to be one of two things: smooth jazzy awesomeness or happy chippy awesomeness. This one is the latter, with some fast and well processed glitch effects that really allows the track to keep the listeners attention. Great use of the source too, and of course the production is stellar.

PROTO MUST DI....NE ON ICE CREAM because this mix deserves no less.

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Protodome, the proto of glitchy crazyness gives us glitchy crazyness.

Cool use of crazy automation and effects to personalize your style. I think you might tend to put a little too much treble on this, but I can live with it.

Cool arrangement, production is solid... you need to introduce the world to jazzy proto now.

Horrible remix name is horrible. Worst remix name ever, whoever came up with THAT one is a limey noob and should be shot at dawn.

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I didn't really like this. Normally I am all over chip sounding stuff, and this style of processing and glitch work is also up my proverbial alley, but this just rubs me the wrong way. There's some synth or sample or something that is absolutely grating on me.

*Scrolls up* Oh, maybe that's the voice sample? Not sure, never played the game. Also, it doesn't feel like the mix evolves much during its course. I mean granted I have disliked other works for moving TOO MUCH or having complete shifts in direction, but this just sort of sits in its one happy little place and doesn't feel like going out anywhere.

Normally that would be fine, but with a mix this short to feel like it is repeating itself is just something I can't get over.

Still, it's pretty well constructed, the sounds themselves (other than that one sample/synth/thing) are good enough, I just wish there was a bit more direction to it.

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