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Chrono Trigger: Chrono Symphonic - History

Claado Shou

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Yeah, I've been revising an 8 page paper on Frankenstein all day. I have to add Emperor's stuff and fix some other stuff presently. Is there a good way to contact Russell Cox? His e-mail listed on this site didn't work.

Also, Zas, ifI don't catch you on AIM in time, someone on this computer managed to delete your responses to my questions. I'll have to ask you again.

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Is a judge, is on AIM frequently, reads PMs


Wrote just a couple of posts ago that he's glad to answer your Q's


Try to PM him, I also see him in AIM from time to time

-Rellik (i'm going to PM him)

Rellik was last seen by me less than 48h ago in #ocremix

-Russell Cox (his e-mail plain doesn't work)

Did you try to PM him? I just talked to him via AIM and he was upset that I asked for the eMail adress in your name. Contact him via PM or the eMail on OCR!


Tyler Heath frequently roams around (which means every night) on Esper.net in the channel #soundtempest as Ty.

-mv (probably won't get anything anyway)

If you wrote him an eMail, give him a bit time.


Last time I saw him was in #ocremix - haven't heard from him either for a long time.

no rush compy, make sure it's your best work!

Sure, no rush. But don't bitch at me if it's not done by Nov 30th (which might happen, unfortunately).

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Lots of PR going on, I see. Try and keep the chatter to a minimum, though, please...if you can't reach someone, that's fine, ask for help, but keep long replies in PM form. I'd appreciate it.

And for all you peeps out there waiting for a Thanksgiving treat, I have some tidbits I think I'll share with you...updates, if you will.

1) The project will probably be released early early next month, several weeks prior to Christmas

2) The website will hopefully undergo a bunch of small revisions, including artist commentary on each piece, updated on-site bios, external links, and general knowledge in one locale so you don't search the entire INTARNET driving yourself crazy

3) While I don't want to spoil anything for you, I will say this: Compy and I and a bunch of other outside sources are planning a super-special Christmas present for all the good (and bad :twisted:) boys and girls out there to feast on over this very special time of the year

4) And last but not least, the greatest love story ever told is finally in movie form...go see "Pride and Prejudice" and be AMAZED at it

That is all.


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Just posting to say that the mastering is still being done (properly, BTW), with a lot of other stuff on the way as well. When it's all released and done, you'll be listening to this thing for a LOOOOONG time, I can guarantee you that. :)



Ooo. You have had sneak listens of the mastered versions and give them thumbs up?

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Hey, patiently waiting vg music/remix lover here. While I was sitting here I thought I'd ask what 'mastering' is in the music business? I don't know all that much about what goes into making music, or remixes, so I thought I'd learn a little bit about it.

I don't know too much myself, but in general it refers to editing the volume levels and sound quality for a smooth, balanced mix.

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