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OCR Secret Santa - Gift giving time!


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So jealous.

It's been an awesome class -- studying and comparing different editions of Debussy's music against the manuscript to learn how to identify errors, and how to effectively reconcile differences when we do find them.

The person who gets their gift from me should recieve it by Decemner 6th. Should they choose to open it early, that is on them. I dont really mind. I do hope you like my gift

My gift will ship out early also, largely so that I don't forget to send it. :P

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next year, it'd be nice to do it a little closer to christmas itself - and, also, to magfest. it's pretty easy to get a ton of cool game-related merch at mag, so i think it'd lead to cooler gifts.

The reason I have it organized early is so people have time to decide, get, and ship out the gifts so they arrive before Christmas & to avoid hassle of gifts possibly not arriving on time.

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Please no wii/xbl/psn points or steam stuff for me. I'd definitely prefer some sort of tangible thing, or music or w/e. I'm way too backed up on games I need to play already

I have an Amazon wishlist going (http://amzn.com/w/2ZMBL2E7ROSI7). If my secret santa is going to use this, please order it off of the list so it gets removed afterward, cause I've also given the list to my parents. I also wear a small t-shirt (if it's mens sizing, i wear whatever the smallest size happens to be).

I hate giving out lists of things I want, cause that takes some surprise out, so I would also like to ask for something cheap and small/unique/homemade in addition, just to keep it special. It's no fun if you know what you're getting, right?

And feel free to ignore everything on that list if you come up with something awesome. :smile:

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From a mysterious "Brad"! Thank you so much for this very early Christmas present! More like post-Thanksgiving present at this point, hehe... Very cool stuff. Got a new addition to my keychain + some good reading + some good Xbox headset for talkin' with. :-)



The ribbon also made a very nice cat collar for Christmas, until she ripped it off. :-)

This gift has inspired me to be more creative with what I choose as a gift for my receivee person.

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