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OCR02129 - Teen Agent "A Village's Welcome"


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This is nicely peppy, and I really like how it was described as full of pomp and circumstance. I wouldn't rate this as Christmas music like or overly emotional. But this does feel like the incidental music Disney would play over the beginning of their film as the scene pans over some 19th century Autumnal European village. O.k. so that was kinda ultra specific. But there is a nice Autumn/Fall of the year vibe to it. I also like the sweeping motions it sometimes engages in. It gives it the grandiose nature a hero's return needs. That's another vibe I'm getting from this; it's not like the music that would be played at a king's coronation or home welcoming, but more of the kind that a village's hometown hero would receive. e.g. something honest, familiar, simple, and close knit yet still reverent and deserving of recognition.

Needless to say, the more I dwell on this the more I appreciate this song. Definitely worth checking out.

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Say what you like about Teen Agent, but even the more obscure games out there has their fair catch of catchy melody lines, and of course the Village theme is a huge standout and compliments Dan's majestic style of orchestration well.

And indeed, djp may have mentioned something about Christmas in the writeup but I can indeed imagine NiGHTS on top of Twin Peaks during a gentle snowfall with that trilled intro. :razz: Going into the arrangement though, it manages to keep with the fundamentals of the source, namely going with the bass line and melody, and using it to capture something that might reflect a very lively and bustling Soviet village in mind.

Even the dynamics are great, going from the dynamic louder parts that comprise of most of melody section A and the gentler contrasts of section B with the softer oboe and brass parts contrasting each other, with one of the highlights being the trilled section at 3:11 really bringing the tension for the arrangement remarkably well. The only suggestion I had would've been to either extend the trills or fade it out suddenly so that it didn't end up being so sudden, but otherwise it made for a powerful transition to that steadier-progressing ending with the key change and everything.

All in all, a very sweet and well-realised work from Vampire Hunter Dan! I am sure Brandon was very proud of his contribution towards the Teen Agent project, and for me with his rising contributions in the field of orchestration it can be seen as a project highlight. Nice going! :nicework:

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