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chthonic is no longer my artist name!

Benjamin Briggs

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that's right, I've finally decided to shed the name "chthonic" and change it to my (awesome) real name, Benjamin Briggs

there are a multitude of reasons for this: 1. professionalism 2. searchability 3. uniqueness 4. my real name is badass, the list could go on but I don't need to justify this to you n00bs

the reason I "made a thread about it"? well, since it's going to be quite a while before djp can make the change to my existing remixes (because it is a pain in his ass :P), I need everyone who has any of my remixes OR my original music to PLEASE CHANGE THE MP3 ARTIST TAGS TO "Benjamin Briggs"... and if you've got last.fm, why don't you celebrate the name change by listening to my music on loop! just kidding, but hey it would be so totally super awesome if you did :3

I also have a new twitter page (follow!)

a new facebook artist page (like!)

and most awesomely, A BRAND NEW OFFICIAL WEBSITE, graciously hosted by my best friend halc :D

I've decided to retain the name "chthonic" in the irc chat and here on the forums, because I am still fairly attached to it in a sense, and I don't think I would look right without it. on the to-do list still are registering as an artist on last.fm, getting signed up on bandcamp.com, and possibly creating a youtube channel

also, concerning my collab remixes with halc, for now I would ask that you just change the artist tags to "Benjamin Briggs, halc" until he and I can think up a proper band name

thanks in advance to everyone who takes the time to change their tags, and a bigger thanks in advance to those who help me out by listening to/scrobbling some of my music with the new name!



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You will always be chthonic to me. Just like Brandon will always be Oinkness, JH will always be just64helpin, The Author will always be Arashi, and djpretzel will always be Little Johnny Urine.

Dude. I was oinkness for like 3 months. Give it a rest already, you never even played with me on Xbox live which is where I use that name. For you to know me by my gamertag makes no logical sense whatsoever.

And chthonic shall be known as The Button.

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I've already seen to trying to get your Missingno Tracks stuff changed over. We'll see in a bit. If not, then you get one more album under your old name. Oh, how horrible!

Yes, Briggs is kind of a badass name.

I've bugged both larry and dave as much as I feel comfortable with, so hopefully "chthonic" will be buried under the next three upcoming projects :/

that was a big reason I wanted to do this now... I really think three remix projects is the perfect way to establish my new name and kill the old one

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