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3DS: Friend Codes on First Page, OMG THE THIRD DIMENSION

The Damned

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Yeah, but the DS emulation scene is crap. It can emulate NES just fine (albeit a bit squished), Game Boy and GBC almost perfectly, but anything more powerful than that is crap.

So there's VC games (which are good), and if you get a DSi flashcart (since normal DS carts don't work due to firmware), then there is some emulation capabilities. But past that, not much.

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While it could be better, I find the browser to be quite handy. Facebook actually runs pretty well on it. I just hope someday we'll get dedicated Facebook and Youtube apps for the 3DS.

So did anyone else get the Circle Pad Pro and Resident Evil Revelations? So far, I'm enjoying the game. I just finished Chapter 2 last night and I quite enjoy the cheesy episodic recaps the game does.

At first, I really disliked the Circle Pad Pro. From everything I'd read about it online, it was supposed to be really comfortable. But I have small hands and never had a problem holding the 3DS, so the extra bulk actually caused me to cramp up a bit. I'm adjusting, though. The second slider will be indispensable for games like MGS3.

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