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OCRA-0023 - Pokémon: The Missingno Tracks

The Damned

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Finally got the time to listen to the whole thing! And I'm blown away by the quality of the tracks, even if the project is quite (very) old!

So far, my favorites are Fishy's ROCKING tracks, "My Greatest Rival" (loved the Anime theme cameo) and Cerrax's arrangement. All others are awesome too.

And I lol'd hard at the Jiggypuff song! Nice job, DA!

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Jaroban, forget those dips. From the first time I heard My Greatest Rival, I was loving it. The fact that it deliberately draws from the Pokemon TV show theme makes it a work of genius.

Exactly. Anyone who doesn't understand this song is tongue-in-cheek just doesn't get it. I don't really like the "biggest pokeballs" thing as it's immature, but I get that's the feeling the song was gong for.

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Exactly. Anyone who doesn't understand this song is tongue-in-cheek just doesn't get it. I don't really like the "biggest pokeballs" thing as it's immature, but I get that's the feeling the song was gong for.

You just have to think: all of this is coming from like, a 10 year old. Or something.

Honestly, and not just because of the musical reference, I could really see this being on the actual anime itself. It works very well with the shouting "Fight, fight, fight!"

Or, it'd at least be possible if the anime composers were drunk or something.

I love the song, though.

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Having just finished listening to the whole album in one sitting, I hope everyone doesn't mind if I do a review of all sorts (Even though I have no technical musical knowledge)

It's a generally good album, with some super high-quality stuff mixed with some slightly below-par mixes to come from such a high standard website. I hate to even sound slighlty critical but until track 8 on the first CD, except for 'Shades of Red' there was nothing that either took me by suprise or utterly blew me away. Not that it wasn't fun to listen to. It's just that I had impossibly high expectations of this and for the most part, it delivered. Let down by those weak mixes but.

Once you get past the first 7 songs, the quality only gets better and better though. Mixes done by ProtoDome, Willrock and Halc were of an extremely high quality and it was great to see the three most consistantly excellent mixers on this album come together in 'Bullet for my Piloswine', which is a pretty good track in itself. The rock parts provided by Fishy were occassionaly lacking power or excitement but were well constructed and performed greatly.

The best part of this album would have to be the amazing piano mixes provided by pu_freak. I have a certain bias towards piano remixes as they are for the most part works of fine art, but both of pu_freak's mixes are masterpieces. Brilliant piano work change two of the best themes from the whole series into even more amazing pieces of brilliance. The remix of the G/S/C Champion theme was the best song on the album, and the remix of the ending theme (not sure which game though) was the perfect conclusion to what really was a great album

Sources, and how well these sources were represeted were a major suprise for me. So many brilliant tunes got left un-remixed, particularly in the latter games but this was to be expected as there are just too many great themes in the Pokemon series. One of the major disappointments was how some of the great thems that did make it on the album lost some of their lusture and brilliance, particularly with the 'Rival Battle' theme from G/S/C which is one of the best themes in the series but it's mix was quite disappointing. Partially this may be down to the disjointed lyrics in 'My Greatest Rival' but especially for me, this song was a massive letdown. However, the failure of this song was healed by the success of the remix of the equally amazing Ice Path theme 'Argent Vexemon' by The Orichalcon, which stuck to the crreepy yet addictive them of the Ice Path.

However, many unexpected sources were included which were used brilliantly and so unexpectedly. Such welcome suprises included the Route 26 mix (a brilliant theme but one I wasn't expecting to get used) 'Champion's Horizion' by Willrock, 'Divine Olivine' by Chrono and DragonAvenger which really suprised me by making the Violet City theme actually cool, 'My Friend Mudkip' by halc which helped prove Dewford Town would sound really good chiptuned and the 'May I have this Swords Dance' by ProtoDome, a mix of the Canalave City (Day) theme, and one of my favourite themes from the 4th generation of pokemon which was kept to it's peaceful and elegant roots

Overall, this is a really good bunch of Pokemon mixes, occasionaly let down by some weak remixes, but for the most part full of strong, beautifully and artistically constructed mixes which contain the essence of beauty used in their great themes. I give it 9/10

Thank You OverClocked ReMix and to Everyone involved for all the time and effort put into this project!

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i get the hate for "My Greatest Rivals" But as soon as the vocals came in i knew they were taking the piss, besides i like the actual chorus you really hit the right notes there as well the guitar in the backing sounds sweet, so i can't hate on this track even if i tried and my first listen i did try.

On a side note i finally downloaded the torrent (got a download limit so 800MB was abit too much for me in the beginning)

and i understand the annoyance of the missing flac files but to be honest the only annoyance i'm having is getting the files to go in order on my mp3 player which isn't too much of an issue anyway

For those of you wanting the flac files i suggest downloading dvdvideosoft and use their audioconverter program to convert the flac files yourself, they wont be any better quality then the mp3 versions but you'l have the flac versions regardless.

Ive already stated my love for this album and i'm still enjoying it now, thanks alot to all of you who collaborated on this amazing album thank you and hope you all have a great day :D

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In all fairness, you kind of dropped off the map for a while and we never got any final versions of your remix. In fact, according to the project boards, the last time you even posted was December 22, 2009.

In fact, I even posted that I was sorry to have to cut your remix because it had been a year since it was last updated, and that was while it was still in the WIPs section. The last update was September 23rd, 2009.

It's not like we left it out for no reason. You simply didn't stick around enough and complete it.

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I love how I finished my track ages ago and it didn't even get on this album. No more project invites for me please.

i love how the last time you posted on OCR was in october, five months and a day ago.

also, we didn't invite you. if i remember correctly, you begged us to get on the project. damned, do you still have a link to that post?

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Somewhere, maybe? I would have to go look it up, but it might be there still.

Any way, it's in the past, everyone move on.

electric concerto, if there is a second album, you're welcome to apply for it. Your remix did get pretty far along in a short amount of time. By then, you should improve even more, and I'm sure a more rigorous schedule would prevent delays and having to drop anyone.

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Yes, it is. You see, there were some files that didn't have proper lossless format files. With no way to get them (due to loss of original files or the remixer didn't have them in the first place, or there was a technical issue that couldn't be avoided, etc.), we could only release the majority of remixess with FLAC format files.

It's unfortunate, but there was nothing that could be done about it.

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Just to correct something:

I have a question for you. Actually, several, but we'll just start with the first and most important one.

I like where your remix is going, and I think it has some potential behind it. I'm also looking for some 4th generation Pokémon game remixes for my project (I love the old games as well, but I want to do an album that covers all the games to date). I think your remix would not only fit in well, but also help fill in that little gap a bit.

You interested in joining the Missingno Tracks project?

Hard to say... I could try, but I'm involved in other projects whom the directors are getting pissed off at me... I'm busy with work and school but I've completed my website so now I can move on to finishing my projects.

I'll try to finish it for your project, but I can't promise anything...

If you can, fine. If not, then it's not a major problem.

I did not beg to join.

Neither am I interested in joining any projects from this point on. Thank you for the opportunity, but I think I'll concentrate my future efforts on my personal remixes.

I will end my post with a sorry I wasn't around. I thought I had finished it, and the only thing that needed fixing was the title. Carry on, and enjoy the album!

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Wow...I hadn't checked up on OCR in a while and look what I've been missing. This album is the greatest thing since sliced bread...

No, wait, that's too anticlimactic. I just couldn't think of a compliment awesome enough to match this album's incredible-ness.

Thanks so much for taking something that I already loved, and making it even more memorable and awesome. This is definitely my favorite OCR album. I'll also be commenting on my favorite tracks in their individual threads.

My only ever-so-slight nitpick is that no one took on the Miltank-field theme from the route north of Olivine, nor the Buena's Password theme (both from Gold/Silver). Two of my favorite Pokemon tracks. I guess I should post those in the remix requests thread...but hey I can't really even complain about this. When you can make the friggin' EVOLUTION THEME into a song, that's some real skills right there. (doot dee doot dee doot dee doot DEE...)

Nothing but fantastic work here. Great album title, great cover art, and superb music. I couldn't download and listen fast enough - anyone who's ever played Pokemon at all would be a fool to miss this.

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Hi, i just registered to say this to you ;D !

This Album contains the very very best Pokemon Game Remixes I´ve ever heared, thank you for this awesome Songs! My favorite song is "My friend Mudkip" :D, but they are all fantastic! This is actually the best Album of all OC Albums!

I really wish, that you would create one more album with new fantastic Pokemon Remixes, for example from the new Pokemon Versions.

Just gimme MORE!!!!

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New guy here, I've read both of the newbie guides and figured this subforum would be the right place to put this.

I have a problem with playing the album "Pokémon: The missingno Tracks" on my computer. It's possible that it might play on my phone, which is where I want to put it on. Anyways, it says that I need a program to open it. Probably because it's a torrent file, but I'm not sure which program I need then.

I'm not too good with computers :oops: I have Windows 7 by the way, but you probably need more information than that.

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