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OCR02202 - Tetris "The Peddler's Legacy"


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Been a follower of Vurez before his OCR submissions. There was this awesome Bright Man rock remix he had awhile back, from VGMix was it?

Anyway, I declare this to be the best Tetris remix ever! Sounds so authentic to Russian folk songs despite me not being a big wiz of those. It just feels Russian for some reason. Reminds me of Smash Bros' Brawl Type B's remix. This one is just as good, too.

Keep on rocking, Vurez.

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Agreed with South Pacific Islander. This is a what?!!!!........ :D

I was reading the introduction to this piece and was thinking "Uhm this is video game music. What in the world is DJP going on about?"

So much for knowing my vgm. :) I feel dumb, but in the same moment I think it totally awesome to learn what this really is.

Anyway, the 'Tetris' song is amazing to start with and Vurez takes it too a whole new level. I think I have all the remixes of this song that this site has put out. Thank you OCR staff for canonizing this song. :)

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Ahh tetris... the only game my mum can stand to even look at and play

This mix is a glory to behold,

It fits so well that if they made a remake of tetris today i would EXPECT this to be one of the main themes.

well done Vurez

When i heard this it made me smile even tho i could never play tetris (i was terrible at thinking fast)

This mix made me want to try doing the russian leg kicking dance for some reason. @.@

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I think it is an artform itself to make a remix to a video game tune that has practically "seen it all" and even so make it stand out or at least interesting enough to listen to.

I cannot count how many tetris remixes I have heard so far, but this particular one catches my interest with excellent instrumentation. All the counter melodies and little enhancements give this original russian folk song a depth that I have not heard before. And while there is so much going on in the remix to pay attention to, it still stays honest to itself and the original composition.

Kudos, thumbs up and thanks alot for sharing this.

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Sounds amazingly real to me! I love how the tempo changes over the course of the ReMix, almost like it's matching the feeling of the game as it progresses. One of the best arranged Tetris ReMixes I've heard, and being done in folk style just made it even more official. Sweet stuff.

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR02202 - Tetris "The Peddler's Legacy"

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