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OCR02203 - Pokémon Red Version "Rain Prayer"


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I'm not sure what genre this is either, but I like it! What a unique feel. It almost feels like a song off a Mario Kart soundtrack. Great Job! Instant download.

You think so?

Personally, I get more of a SEGA racing feel. Damn I wanna play some Daytona now. Why isn't there a good Pokémon Kart game?

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If there's one thing I love seeing from Protodome, it's definitely happy arrangements, and it manages to really take the two Pokemon sources together together into something more stylish and anime-like in nature.

I got to admit, it somehow feels more liberal in nature in comparison to various other works I've heard from Blake; the melody has its presence, but the chords have been changed up that much I can understand how people may struggle to detect much source at all until around the 2 minute mark. But for those that managed to make the connections with the melody, you can somehow feel more of a classy suburban vibe with this one, as if Red, Blue and co have grown up with us somewhat.

Though in regards to the production work, it may have its dated moments now especially with the key programming, but it still manages to catch on when measured up against other tracks of the time, and when comparing this with the other Pokemon releases before and after from him (looking at "14.5 West Coast Radio" and "Home is Where the Luvdisc Is" respectively) you can pretty much see how far Blake is progressing as a site musician.

So all in all, fun track if not a little unpolished, and I can't wait to see you in the flesh on Saturday :D

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Such a soothing melody. I really do fall in love with it. The warm texture feels like home.

The high pitched piano that comes in at parts reminds me of sitting inside under a blanket watching the rain outside.

Is it weird to get nostalgia from something so recent?

I don't care if it is or not. I listen to this when it's raining. It makes me feel like I'm eight again. :razz:

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A Protodome mix!

This mix has a nice light yet upbeat atmosphere to it. The little effects used in addition to the lead synth & piano add to the song, keeping things interesting with a subtle touch. It probably won't wow you, but it is a nice background listen for those looking for a light listen.

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Dang, very jazzy stuff. I guess a part of me isn't too surprised, especially after some of the crazy chip-jazz I've heard from him in his "Blue" series on Bandcamp. However, for this track, there's a lot of intricate countermelodies and arrangement thrown in considering how short the track is. Just shy of 3 mins, it's really impressive to see how much he meddles around with the source tunes. Really quite an earful, in the best of ways. :nicework:

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