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Fasto the Speedhog 2 Soundtrack Release!

Level 99

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Click the image for the website!

In the vein of Sonic 4, Street Fighter IV, and MvC2, Team Fasto has finally decided to make a sequel of its classic hit game Fasto the Speedhog. Fasto the Speedhog 2 marks the return of everyone's favorite high-speed hero in an all new adventure. Fasto 2 features all new levels and an all new retro-soundtrack by the same team that brought you the soundtrack for the original Fasto the Speedhog.

Fasto the Speedhog 2 Website (with MP3 links and player)

Fasto the Speedhog 2 Full Soundtrack ZIP

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Where is the game, who is Team Fasto, and is this a joke

You mean you've never played Fatso the Speedhog before? Wow, dude. That game was the BOMB back in the day.

Also I'm totally digging Rolling Thunder; very nicely Crush 40.

The overall album is a stunning homage to the original source. Glad I was here when this was finally released. :-D

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I lol'd really hard at Ark Factory Zone.

One of my favorites!

Anyway, now that the joke is over sometime this week I'm going to go through and PROPERLY tag all the songs. In case anyone hasn't noticed yet, if you want to know who to original artists are, just check the "composer" field for the Mp3s as JH said. Most are regulars of One-Hour Compo, along with some OC ReMixers and your expected ThaSauce players =P.

And the wonderful album art was provided by the Otaku, because she's an amazingly talented artist. :D

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i love everybody. this turned out a lot better than i ever imagined it would.

i would play this game.

someday when i have time i will make this game.

for the time being though, you can play the original Fasto the Speedhog to tide you over! (warning: may not close properly in some browsers due to hasty programming. maybe i'll fix that too some day)

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