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Grandia creator Miyaji Takeshi won't be using his New Game+

The Damned

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If BS be callin' it tasteless, and be right, that really be saying something.

Great talent lost; Game Arts was truly badass.

Are you implying that I, at any point, had bad taste? Cause it's quite the contrary. Listening (and making) so many OC ReMixes should be proof enough of that! And I would never write a joke that makes light of someone's untimely death.


If you were referring to the bad jokes, such as "What do you call the last snowflake to land? A slow flake" -- I can't take credit for those. I get them from Popsicle sticks, they aren't my own written work.

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I played Grandia 2 maybe two years ago and I remember being impressed by a few things. The battle animations/cutscenes gave me boners, first and foremost. In fact, the whole battle system felt smooth and was unique. The game as a whole felt very polished and pretty well-balanced.

That said, the graphics and voice acting made me throw up in my mouth a little. But the day a JRPG comes out with good English voice acting is... well, never. It won't happen.

I will mourn this man's death, truly. Seeing JRPGs as a whole fall off the face of the Earth is painful. He probably died of sadness because no one wants to publish and localize JRPGs anymore :[

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