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OCRA-0004 - Kirby's Adventure: Rise of the Star


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Oooh, I really like what you guys have done with these tracks! I first heard these songs on the GBA Nightmare In Dreamland game. While some of the tracks in the original game can be irritating/boring, your remixes have made them all wonderful songs! It's even nicer to hear catchy songs like Starbound~Theme of Dream Warrior get a well deserved mix! There are a lot of extra little things in the tracks like the choir in Darkesword's Aviator Soul mix that really make the tracks stand out!

By the way; is the Sonic 2 site down or is it just me? I never got all of them :(

edit: Just kidding, Sonic 2 is working for me now :lol:

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whilst you're around, mind if I ask why the SuperStar rank was left out?

I think you should get someone on it, then add it as a bonus or something later...

that's just me, though.

I'm already working on it. Left it out because I was planning on doing it as a bonus track anyway.

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Ha ha! This is great! Man, this almost takes Kong in Concert down for the rank of my favorite site project. The quality of the "Rise" certainly rivals that of the "Concert," no question.Sweet work, fellows.

I was staring at the completed cover art while listening to parts of this. It's fascinating: the cover--the same that I spent weeks poring over--looks different to me now. As I was making it, it stood alone. I knew it was for the project and tailored it with that in mind, but I didn't know what the main of the project was. As a part of the project, the art has been given a new depth by the music it advertises.

Kirbymixer, your song is complex and well thought-out. Good start to the project.

Darangen, great interpretation of the "Son of Wind" idea and pleasant sounds. I can feel the thought you put into composition. It reminds me of "Blue Water, Blue Sky" by Daisuke Ishiwatari.

Adhesive_Boy, I love your music. Thank you for bringing the xylophone back from "Cry of the Chasmal Critter Chain," it's just wonderful. An awesome song.

analoq, your synthesis is fabulous. Also, you kept repeating the same phrase, but it didn't sound repetetive. Nice.

Rellik, why DID you fade out right when you hit the sickass whippin' cool part? :P Ah, no matter, your song is still pretty cool.

Suzumebachi, oh SHIT! HAHAHAHA oh I can't tell you how much I enjoyed this one. Ohhhhhhhhhh! Badass. :D

chthonic, if a square wave could launch away heroically into the night sky, it would sound exactly like "Starbound."

Trenthian, yours is the only remix whose original song I have heard. If the other mixes' deviance from their originals are as interesting as yours', we have a very good project here indeed.

DarkeSword, first, good working with you, and second, I really like both of your songs. Good for you for using the choral parts; they sounded cool (even if the samples had some fakey ends). And then you're back on your home turf on the second song. The piano part was particularly nice.

B, G, and H, your interpretation of the theme is as thoughtful as Darangen's, and your song wraps up the album well.

Congratulations folks. This rocks. I feel proud to be a small part of all this.

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I've watched this project since the beginning with great interest, and I regret not getting into music earlier, as I would have at least attempted a contribution. I've listened to the final product many, many times over and it isn't even close to getting old. Really nice work all around.

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Excellent, excellent work everyone. Great source material, all-star team...what more could you ask for? Every track was a joy to listen to...I don't believe there was a single "dud" among the bunch. I only regret that I didn't have the time to participate in this project myself.

Congrats to the project members, especially DarkeSword for (finally) bringing it all together. I look forward to seeing more of these posted on OCR.

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