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Milky Way Wishes: A Kirby Super Star Tribute - History

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Arek, sorry I havent got my bio in yet. I lost my phoneline in my computer and I wont be back on until the end of the month or some time in march :cry:

Ill try my best to get it to you by using another computer (Im using the firehall computer and im not supposed to be on long). IM STILL IN THE PROJECT AND STILL ALIVE!

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I'm looking for an artist who can make two pages of art in this highly refined, blurry style:


aka Detail Shots

KWarp11: looking for something like that

KWarp11: know anyone that can do it?

Hock1215: Hm. All you do is airbrush that stuff and then blur it in Photoshop... o_O

Hock1215: Or run a few filters to make it look like a work of art

KWarp11: nice, so it's pretty simple work for most artists do right?

Hock1215: Well yeah. Although that might be hand-painted

Hock1215: It's so hard to tell these days. Digital Art has evolved so much

Why am I looking for art like this? That's a secret. :wink:

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AAAAH you put my WIP of it in the book XD;; Awww jeeze. Talk about a motivator ^_^;;

HAWT PHOTOSHOP TIPPZ for people who take up this detailed-but-blurry picture assignment:

circular-Select the important parts (characters), feather the selection by a good amount, and run a Lens Blur on the piece! That's new in Photoshop CS2 I think, so I can always do it for you if you don't have CS2. "You" being... you know, whoever you are that does this. XP

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