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OCR02410 - Suikoden "Days Long Passed, Seldom Remembered"


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This mix has some tension to it, and even a bit of ethnic flair - at least that's the impression I get with the song, which might be in part due to the original source. Anyhow, that tension doesn't break throughout, and it helps keep the song interesting. The song does not come off as repetitive to me, in part with all of the instrumentation and variance we see throughout the song. Trenthian does a great job in mixing it up, instilling his style, and maintaining a steady feel that I (lazily) guess is from the original.

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Dynamic orchestral/cinematic/world stuff has a solid electronica backbone is one of my passions when it comes to music, so I'm absolutely stunned here :) I don't have anything to criticize here at all. This track certainly has enough Asian flavor to it, and the synthetic elements are blended in really solidly. The drums are soooo good and the synth lead is nice too! My favorite part here is probably the final part at 4:10 when the woodwinds and synths join together, only for the better, of course, haha. Briliant work!

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR02410 - Suikoden "Days Long Passed, Seldom Remembered"

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