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Seiken Densetsu 3: Songs of Light and Darkness - History

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Is it the whole site? I only noticed that our forums were down. I was starting to get a little concerned...

ah I think it's just our forums. their bandwidth is being used by the FFVII project that was just released so they may have had to shut down their forums temporarily.

"To make a long story short, the FF7 project sucked up all our bandwidth so this tiny little site will be all we can provide until next month. Sorry for the inconvenience, ThaSauce Staff :("

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Nothing's stopping you from making a remix unrelated to the project. That's what most of the stuff on this site is - non-project remixes. Besides, if it's any good, and nobody's showing a project remix of it, I don't think anyone's gonna protest if you ask that it becomes a part of the sd3 project. You might want to avoid submitting to the judges, tho. IM Usa or anyone else that actually knows anything. That's what I did.

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This project still alive? Can't tell with the project forums down... SD3 is one of my all-time favs, and I'd be happy to take a crack at 3-01: Can you fly, sister?

If you want it you can get it. The song is still free to take right now, so you can send in your WIP or something else you did and I can sign you up!

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holy crap it's usa, haha. where'd ya go? =P

Quite a lot of work to do the recent months, and it still continues. I have a huge photo shooting the next two weeks and will have next to no time for myself.

Oh and btw. the SD3 project's forums are up again!!!

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Hey all. If this is still going on, I'm definitely interested in working on my tracks some more. I'm gonna need some collaborative assistance though, due to my lack of equipment/creative limits.

1-02 Where Angels Fear to Tread: Last I remember working on this, MaliceX and I were looking to add in some guitar wailage. Anyone interested? (btw, is MaliceX still in the project? I didn't see his name listed on the first post.)

2-01 Lefthanded Wolf: This song didn't get much past the idea stage, but it's an idea that I'm really attached to. Unfortunately, I lack the live instrument remixing skills/equipment to do my idea justice. If Sixto is still interested in working on this, I'd loooove to get this song started up again.

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Usa's having some freak technical difficulties with user privileges and such, and can't reply on the boards. He really appreciates your ongoing support for the project, Sinewav. MaliceX wanted to drop off the project, and Usa thought you were the one who let him know. As for Sixto, he has left the project. His songs haven't. Ask him if he's still interested.

Assuming the forums get into the holiday spirit enough to find some love for Usa and let him post, he will update the project info soon, now that his vacation has started.

Due to inactivity and a number of ppl having dropped out of the project, I felt the need to ask Usa about the number of tracks available and the number of remixers that could join. His answer:

a lot for both
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I've gone over the tracklist and we currently have 21 tracks clearly available, and are in the process of sorting out how many we're not sure about, and whether those are available or not. There's a fair amount of tracks to be added to the available tracks list, so we're not posting an updated tracklist yet.

Anyone interested in joining or re-joining this project should express their interest here asap so we know. Especially if you already had a wip in. Remixers previously in the project, please reclaim your tracks or they'll be classed available for anyone to take.

Sinewav, I reserved those two tracks for you and whatever collab you may be doing. Abadoss... I'll remind the man behind it all to master it.

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24 tracks available and 17 tracks soon to be added to that list. Ten tracks complete or almost complete. 9 tracks taken that aren't yet complete or nearly so. The actual names of the tracks will be revealed when the tracklist is posted...

...once Usa's account works normally or I get mod priviliges to edit it myself.

Remixers who have had wips in the project, please contact me or Usa and let us know whether or not you're still interested in doing this or if we can hand out your track to anyone who wants it.

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Last update: Sep 29th 2018 - Fractions of inches.

Rozo says:
Trailer released!! It's been a long, long time indeed.



The tracklist:

101 Not Awaken - Usa
102 Where Angels Fear to Tread - HoboKa, Archangel
103 Ordinary People - Archangel
104 Whiz Kid - Jago
105 Walls and Steels] - pu_freak
106 Axe Bring Storm - the Dual Dragons
107 Little Sweet Cafe - audio fidelity, flutetopia
108 Witchmakers - Archangel
109 Another Winter - Abadoss
110 Ancient Dolphin - Archangel
111 Hope Isolation Pray - k-wix
112 Raven - mak, Mozzaratti, Rozovian
113 Damn Damn Drum - Harmony, Level99, LuIzA
114 Innocent Sea - k-wix
115 Swivel - Sam English
116 Oh I'm a Flamelet - Brandon Strader
117 Evening Star - Brandon Strader
118 Don't Hunt the Fairy - Sam English
119 Fable - Chris | Amaterasu - name plz

201 Left-Handed Wolf- LuIzA, zyko
202 Person's Die - ilp0
203 Harvest November - mak
204 Few Paths Forbidden - DarkeSword
205 Female Turbulence - Jeffrey Hayat
206 Intolerance - The Dual Dragons
207 Different Road - zyko
208 Powell - Karth, Meteo Xavier
209 Political Pressure - HoboKa
210 Nuclear Fusion - The Dual Dragons
211 Positive - Meteo Xavier
212 Meridian Child - beckett007
213 Closed Garden - Meteo Xavier, Jeremy Robson
214 Splash Hop - The OverClocked Plaid Muffins
215 Innocent Water - Emunator, Ergosonic
216 Delicate Affection - TheDeath
217 Three of Darkside - The Joker
218 Last Audience - Rozovian
219 Obsession - The Dual Dragons
220 Strange Medicine - Phonetic Hero
221 Frenzy - Rozovian

301 Can You Fly, Sister? - Jovette Rivera
302 Decision Bell - rebrained
303 Secret of Mana - Dj Mokram
304 Faith Total Machine - Usa, Jackson Lawhead
305 Weird Counterpoint - Rexy
- Daniel Rosenqvist
306 Rolling Cradle - Jago
307 Black Soup - Blaine
308 High Tension Wire - Nutritious
309 And Other - TheDeath
310 Electric Talk - Reuben Cornell - name plz
311 Religion Thunder - Mozzaratti
312 Angel's Fear - Jovette Rivera, ISAO
- Hylian Lemon
313 The Sacrifice part I - Dj Mokram
314 The Sacrifice part II - Theophany
315 The Sacrifice part III - Mozzaratti
316 Reincarnation - Usa
317 Farewell Song - pu_freak
318 Breezin - Willrock
319 Return to Forever - Archangel
320 Long Goodbye - Meteo Xavier

rsn#61 Flight From the Holy Land - Sixto Sounds

rsn#63 Level Up! - mak
rsn#65 Sleeping - hakstock


Snesmusic.org's sd3 chiptune
Where the tracks are used in-game


We proudly present you a remix project that covers the soundtrack of the famous SNES action RPG, "Seiken Densetsu 3", aka "Secret of Mana 2".

Songs of Light and Darkness

-project direction-

With a plan to enhance, extend, and elaborate on the music in the game, Songs of Light and Darkness is meant to be in keeping with the general tone of the original soundtrack, but updated to modern standards and with the personal touch of fans of the game, its music, and game music in general. That means we're looking for tracks that maintains a flavor of world music and atmosphere. It's so the album will be cohesive. We're looking for most kinds of music, but for a cohesive sound we would prefer you don't rely on heavy electronic beats and only electronic-sounding stuff. For exceptions, contact me asap, bring examples. We do like atmospheres and stuff, like weather, waves, ppl, nature, stuff. Just not too much. ;) And hey, try to use as much of the source as possible. Judges like that, we like that, and you ought to like that. :P

The scope of the Seiken Densetsu 3 remix project is enormous, as it's a 60-track OST that we want fully remixed. And now it is.

-project staff-
Rozovian, director and coordinator, feedback, often hungry, likes wavs
Meteo Xavier, assistant director, does more than Rozo does
Keiiii, art, a window into the world of sd3
Usa, mastering, consultation

-remixers, we need-
- your consent to use your tracks
your track as a wav, aif, or other high-quality format (if you can master it yourself, fine; otherwise plz leave dynamics enough for us to work with)
a name for your track, which isn't a need I was expecting to have to list...
- info about the track, your thoughts about it and/or the source - we can make something up, too
- info about you, a brief bio, formal or informal - again, we can make stuff up if we don't get anything from you
-your email address, so we have reliable and consolidated access to you all

-help wanted-

Promotion - We want people interested in jrpg soundtracks to hear about this album.
Supporters - We like this, so should you.

-last notes-

I've been at this since 2008, and I wasn't the original director of the project. We've been at this for a long time. Are we there yet?

So close you can hear the whole thing... if you're on ocr staff.

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last edit?
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