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Be Aggressive!: A Gunstar Heroes Tribute Album - History


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That is badass.

Back on topic, I want to thank everyone for taking part in this project. The album turned out amazing, and I can't wait for you guys to hear it in full.

Be sure to check your PM inboxes if you haven't yet. Some important stuff's there.

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Nicely done Txai. This would totally fit within the game/soundtrack.

We haven't explored the idea of a bonus disc yet, but we might...

In the meantime, the Empire has been defeated, Golden Silver has been sealed away and the World is saved.

As DusK mentioned, press Gunstart and make sure to sign the OCR consent form. Or else...

You're free to submit your remixes individually to OCR (and we encourage you do so).

Just mention in your submission letter that it's for this project, so there's no confusion.

Next is album submission and evaluation which can only mean rejections, broken hearts and people in tears.

As we brace for that, please keep your project files handy in case the staff need last minute fixes.

Thanks to each and everyone of you for jumping aboard, lending this project your strength and sticking with us until the ending credits.

You are the true Gunstar Heroes! :)

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I always thought djp hand selected the tracks from albums.
In most cases, project directors are given the option to pick what will constitute the mixflood, likely with some input from djp & the OCR staff.

But submitting remixes to the judge panel opens the possibility for more tracks to get posted past the initial album flood. If YES'd of course. :wink:

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Last reminder for everyone to sign the OCR consent form if you haven't already. Otherwise your track(s) might be cut from the album.

Once everything's been cleared up on that front, we'll iron out last minute details and proceed with the submission/eval process.

We're hard at work behind the scenes in preparation for the release, and will keep everyone informed on the progress. :)

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News on the homefront! The music is in evaluation, and we're working hard on the submission package to hit our September release target.

In the meantime, check out the album cover art, made by our very own The Coop!


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A quick update, everyone!

According to one of the OC ReMix projects staff members, the album has passed evaluation!

We're working crazy hard behind the scenes right now to meet that September 9th release date. So tell your friends, hide yo kids, and hide yo wife. Be Aggressive! is happening.

And if you got a PM from me today, keep it to the PMs.

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You're doing it wrong...

It's not six syllables for

The second line! :P

Let's get back on track.

I'm not even on this thing,

But I'm really stoked!

DusK and Mokram bros,

You've really pulled this thing off.


The advance party

Over at NGI will

No doubt be swell, yes?

And so will next week!

It's when SEGA Mixer Drive

Will also play it :3

I'll stop these haikus;

They are making my hands hurt

From too much typing. >_>

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