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MAGFest 11 OCR Community Info - Rooms/People/Rides/GroupReg (Partially Updated 12/26/12)

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Tried to go the last two years straight but something always came up. Can't wait to meet all of you ass holes in person.

Getting a room with my gf. Paying for the flight with airmiles. Vacation pay accumulated and accounted for since Sept '11.

I plan on cooking food while drinking and djing vg remixes out of my room at stupid times like 5am. I am going to tear this mother down and have more fun than any of the rest of you.

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you can go ahead and make Benjamin Briggs a "definite" attendee

I'm also working my ass off to get booked as a performer, but no guarantees as I am sure there are tons of applicants. Here's hoping my showing at Nerdapalooza made enough of an impact to sway my fortune.

either way, I'd love to set up my laptop in the jamspace, maybe play some sets for guitarists etc to rock out with :D

so so so excited to see everyone again!

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I booked my flight, badge and hotel. I can't wait to see lots of you guys.

Because of a deal I made last year, my parents paid for the double-bed room for all 3 nights. Unfortunately, they only want one other person to room with me. I personally would be willing to have 3 or 4 people in the room, but for now I can only accept one person. Estimated cost is a little under $250 for all 3 nights. If you are interested PM me.

EDIT: Someone should totally shop the Nice Guy's head over Koshiro's.

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I can finally ask him what he was thinking when he made the awful Streets of Rage 3 Soundtrack.

It's an acquired taste. "Dub Slash" might be my favorite uptempo piece of the whole SoR series. Motohiro Kawashima and Koshiro split up that soundtrack, so you may only like the one's Koshiro wrote, who knows. That said, SoR3 soundtrack, do NOT co-sign. :lol:

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I fully support this endeavor.

Also...Yuzo Koshiro. Very yes. Pretty sure if you search the forum for "Legacy of the Wizard", you'll find about half of all my posts. Best

that not enough people know about, no question.

Sounds like it could be the start of a...

Family Legacy. ;D

Anyways, I'm still lookin' for folks to roomshare with, because I will be there. :D

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I don't know if anyone's seen some of my perler bead art I've been posting in off topic but some of my pals who also make them are considering opening up a booth at the dealer's room to sell them. For some extra cash I might end up helping but all of this is still in the air for the moment.

I would buy some. Then force you to use said money to buy a drink so we can have one together. :D

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I'm looking to make a visit back to MAG, but It'd be rad if I could catch a ride with someone.

Maybe Baridic/OA/Flik if any of you guys are coming or driving, I could most likely pay you to pick me up.

I live in Central Wisconsin if that helps.

And then of course a room.

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