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RWS 1-1 - ReMixing With the Stars: Season 1 Episode 1: Spooky!


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Season 1, Episode 1: Spooky!


Current News

Voting is closed! Results are below.

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  1. First Place: "Scary Clipping" by Dafydd feat. Sir_NutS, with 32 points.
  2. Second Place: "Sepulchro Regum" by The Eluryahn feat. Gario, with 23 points.
  3. Second Place: "Mother of Abominations" by Trism feat. wildfire, with 23 points.
  4. Fourth Place: "Hallowed Haunt" by shadow24 feat. DusK, with 12 points.
  5. Fifth Place: "Ghosts on a Disco Train" by Cash and Change feat. Rozovian, with 11 points.
  6. Sixth Place: "Gloomy Glow" by ProjectSpam feat. ectogemia, with 10 points.


Since voting for this month closes on October 31, in celebration of Halloween, this month's theme is Spooky! All entries should either:

  1. Be based on a source or sources from a game, area of a game, etc. that's all about ghouls, ghosts, goblins, witches, vampires, zombies, or anything else that goes bump in the night, or
  2. Use any source or sources from any game or games, remixed to sound like something that belongs in a haunted house, horror movie, etc.

Remixes should not be judged based on how well they apply the theme, it's just a guideline.


About ReMixing With the Stars

ReMixing With the Stars is intended to give beginning remixers some support, encouragement, and mentoring in their quest to become great, and as a sidenote, to become posted remixers. Beginners are mentored by experienced remixers to push their abilities to new heights and submit collaborative works according to the theme of the month.

Who's a "Star" and who's a "Novice?"

Any posted or accepted-to-be-posted remixer, as the only artist or as the lead arranger on a piece, is automatically considered a "Star." This isn't meant to be a statement on who's a "good" or "expert" artist, but it's a somewhat meaningful threshhold which doesn't require any subjective judgment on my part (however subjective the OCR judging process may be). Additionally, anyone who wants to sign up as a Star can also be put into that category. This is because a lot more "Novices" (who is everyone else) sign up than stars, and it's better to receive some mentoring from someone who's good but not posted than from no one at all.

If you've done any of the following things, as examples, I strongly recommend you sign up as a Star:

  • Contributed to an OCR album
  • Had a submitted remix rejected but with one or more "Yes" votes
  • Beat a posted remixer in direct competition (not counting forfeit)
  • Sold your compositions (remixes or not) for money

If you want to sign up conditionally (e.g. "I'd prefer to be a Novice, but if you need me to be a Star so more people can participate, that's fine too"), then go ahead, and bless you.


  • Enrollment/Pairings: These will be random, first-come, first-served for episode 1. Once the signup deadline is reached, whichever list of signups has more people in it will be truncated, based on order of signup, so the lists are the same size. Then Novices will be randomly paired with Stars.
  • Mixes: The Novice must be the primary remixer. Stars can contribute by giving advice, playing a live instrument or vocals, and with production, including minor adjustments to fix timing or dissonance issues. They may also contribute a short solo segment. No one other than the Novice and Star may help in any way.
  • Submissions: All entries must be sent to me by the 12PM PDT deadline via PM on the forums, with a link to a reliable host for me to download your mix from. I also recommend you post in this thread that you have done so, since I know there have been issues in other compos with PM's not being received. Please submit your file as an mp3, preferably encoded at a high-quality VBR or 320kbps. Filenames must be in the following format:
    Novice feat. Star - Title (Game).mp3
    MindWanderer feat. djpretzel - The World's Worst ReMix (Pong).mp3
    Proper file names mean I can do my job of getting the compliation done and posted faster, which means you get to hear the great music produced by this sooner.


All deadlines are 12 PM (noon) Pacific time (PDT).

  • Signups until Wednesday, October 10, 1200 PDT. If you're signing up as a Novice, you must post links to at least two samples of your previous work! They don't have to be good, they don't even have to be game remixes, you just have to prove you're not brand-spanking-new to this music production thing. Things you've posted to the WIP forum are preferable but not required. If you're signing up as a Star, say a little bit about your strengths, and maybe post a link or three to remixes you feel best represent them. You can mention anything else you think would be helpful in working with you (software preferences, instruments you play, etc).
  • Announcement of the pairings and theme on Oct. 10. The theme will be broad enough to allow many, many options, serving mainly as a unifying factor. It's announced later so that no one gets a head start.
  • ReMixing from Oct. 10 to Wednesday, Oct. 24, 1200 PDT (2 weeks). Rules and guidelines above.
  • Voting from whenever I get the compilation posted (should be no more than a few hours after the deadline) until Wednesday, Oct. 31, 1200 PDT. Votes should be based on, in roughly descending order, use of source, arrangement, production, and enjoyability. Interpretation of the theme shouldn't be considered. You'll pick your three favorites, in order. Your first-place vote will get 3 points, your second-place 2 points, and your third-place 1 point. Participants (both Novices and Stars) may not vote for their own mixes, but participants who vote will get a free first-place vote added to their score. Please send me a PM with your votes, like this:
    1. First-place ReMix
    2. Second-place ReMix
    3. Third-place ReMix

Thanks for your interest, and let's get this show on the road!

Previous Episode

  • [thread=40611]Pilot Episode: "Beginnings"[/thread]

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I'd like to sign up for this. Last time around I wasn't able to participate, but this time I'm up to help you guys out.

Sign me up!

Nice picture, too. :)

Let's see, strengths: I'm an electronic composer, specializing in 9-bit sounds (particularly good at epic chiptune wankery), as well as very experienced in the Reason 5 DAW. I hold a well rounded education in composition and music theory, so I'm handy for composition advice and scoring live instruments, if it's needed, and am well versed enough in production to give decent general advice.

Go me.

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Glad this is getting started up again.

I'm not going to be able to participate this time, but maybe in the future.

One thing though: It says in the OP that anyone who wants to can be a Star, and yet Novices need to submit 2 tracks that they've worked on.

You might want to have some kind of standard for non-posted Stars as well, even if it's just you listening to their work and making a decision.

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One thing though: It says in the OP that anyone who wants to can be a Star, and yet Novices need to submit 2 tracks that they've worked on.

You might want to have some kind of standard for non-posted Stars as well, even if it's just you listening to their work and making a decision.

I'm not going to use my judgment if at all humanly possible. We'll try Wheaton's Law for now and see if we need a better rule at some point in the future.
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Sign me up as a novice.

Samples of my work (both are posted on the WIP forums):

- WIP ReMix of FFIX's Cleyra Trunk: http://soundcloud.com/jnwake/cleyra-trunk-v2 -

- WIP ReMix of Wire Sponge and Infinity Mijinion: http://soundcloud.com/jnwake/forever-a-sponge-wire-sponge .

Not sure if helpful, but I use Reaper for mixing and have a Korg M50 that I use to record synths and other stuff.

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Nice picture, too. :)

hahaha, MindWanderer I'm kinda surprised you're using my cheesy as hell graphic I made. I like it though, it fits well :razz:

And hmmm... I think I want to sign up this time... I'll be out of town a handful of days during the mixing period, but two weeks is a substantial time to mix. Also not sure if I want to be a Star or Novice. I think I'd rather be a Novice, but I imagine a lot of other Novices will be signing up too and I might be able to help someone ;-). Let me think on it and I'll post back later when I've decided!

EDIT: In case I do sign up...

I tend to like making jazzy, funky songs, whether I initially intend to or not. I've also dabbled in more straight-forward electronica and more recently did some techno house/dance stuff which was a lot of fun. I've also realized I tend to only make songs for these OCR competitions that involve mixing multiple sources together :razz: I love collabing with people and am good at integrating stuff together, I guess? I've still got a lot to learn on the production side of things, but I've been getting better I suppose! I used Sony ACID as my DAW, my favorite VSTs are probably FM8 & Massive, and I enjoy long walks on the beach.

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hahaha, MindWanderer I'm kinda surprised you're using my cheesy as hell graphic I made. I like it though, it fits well :razz:
Oh, I love it. A little cheese when you're ripping off a title from a reality TV show is perfect. Even the album art version with the lens flare isn't too much. And it's a hell of a lot better than I could do. Of course, if someone wants to come up with something different/better/even cheesier for Season 2, I'd love to see that too!
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Hey I'll join. Definitely a novice. I'm a slow mixer but enjoy it when I have the time. Hopefully this will help me with speed of composing.

Using Logic on a Mac.



Oh yeah SuperiorX, I think I have improved a bit since you last helped me with that horrible wave man remix I tried lol.

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To commemorate this occasion I'd like to offer up my free transparent MP3 player for Windows. Personally coded by yours truly. If it has bugs or you'd like to comment please email me. The address is in the ReadMe file. Shouldn't have any problems if you test it out on Win7 64bit (32 should work but if it doesn't let me know)


Excited about this competition :)

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I'll be a novice.

Here are my samples.


That one is posted in the WIPs.

Here's another one I did for the EoL project.


I use Finale SongWriter 2007, a Yamaha keyboard, Audacity, and Linux MultiMedia Studio. No cool DAW for me.

I can connect over Skype, but I prefer email, my OCR profile, or Facebook.

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Technically, I qualify as a star, but I'd rather be a novice, assuming enough stars sign up so I don't take someone more novice, and more deserving person's place. I have serious and chronic difficulties with production and mastering, and until I feel more confident about that, I would rather not go mentoring anyone else on it, but would like to instead be mentored.

EDIT: To clarify - if (and only if) there are enough stars to go around (that is, more stars than novices) I wish to sign up as a novice - otherwise, count me out. I do not wish to sign up as a star this round, not even if there are more novices than stars.

I've been using Reason since version 3 (after at least 10 years of Cakewalk and MIDI) and am currently using Reason 6.5. My main skills are with drums, basslines, and synths - I'm all about beats, fuzzy basses and distorted, chippy leads. I play the piano and sing fairly well, and I can also handle power chords and simple solos on an electric guitar. I totally suck at production skills and at finishing my WiPs (the latter often as a result of sucking at production - I can never make anything sound as professional as I want to be).

I participated in the OHC this morning: http://compo.thasauce.net/rounds/view/OHC208

And here's an old WiP from 2008 that people generally liked: http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=18531

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Well, I also technically qualify as a star. Although I think I could still learn from some of the true stars out there, I'd be happy to help some people who are newer to this.

Things to consider:

-I've created only a handful of remastered video game tunes, and only 5 remixes (all Sonic the Hedgehog, although 2 of the 5 are pretty straight forward remixes)

-I'm not a posted remixer, although I did beat two posted remixers in the Sonic Zone Remix Competition.

-I've been producing seriously for about 3 years

-I use Logic Pro and my strengths are electronic music production

Links to 3 VG remixes (and u can see other work on main soundcloud page)





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Current count is 2 solid Stars, 6 Novices, and 5 people who have mixed feelings. That means that as things stand, for every person who isn't sure, their deciding to enter as a Star means one more entry (except for the 5th, since there's an odd number ATM). Please bite the bullet and help fill out the roster if you're at all comfortable doing so. It would be nice to have at least 4 entries; if I don't get at least 3 people to agree to be Stars, I'll be postponing this.

Ectogemia, even though it's not exactly hard to find samples of your work around here, please still link to a couple if you want to enter as a Novice. There's method to my madness....

The current plan is to try to keep a consistent set of "contestants" (novices) for each season. If you're not available this month, you might get in later this season if novices drop or we get more stars, otherwise you'll have to wait until next season. I'm currently planning on 6-month seasons, with 4 normal episodes, 1 special episode in the middle, and a season finale.

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