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Alright - after bulking for 3 months I've gone from 162 to about 180 on the scale. Granted at least 5 lbs of that is water weight I'm sure. My lifts all went up and I'm pleased with my visual progress

I see times when someone is in the middle of a lift and they start exploding blood out their nose.  What blood vessels are breaking when that happens?

Good work again, zircon! I'm sure there will be more hairy man pics to come.   Soul Splint: how's Romanian deadlift for you? That's what I've been doing, and it seems like at least there's less act

I think I have finally figured out how to use the site thanks to some comments on there left by ocr peeps. It looks like OA's already done like 900 pushups so.... haha.

I did 5 today and realized its been far too long since I've done them. But I'll show them!

I logged some great swim time on Friday though which leveled me up. I hope to log some more swims this week.

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I just started Fitocracy a few days ago to help me be a bit more active. I'm sitting on my ass a lot more these days because of my work in grad school but looking at it helps me to push harder and fit more in the time when I go exercise a few times a week.

Only friend I have on here is Brandon Strader. I guess I'll look you guys up.

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Just joined. A little history:

I worked at a store during my 4 years of collage and there was a lot of lifting and whatnot. I stayed at 180lbs for years doing no real exercise other than that job and ultimate frisbee every Thursday night.

Then I quit my job, moved to Ohio, and started my year long internship. (4 months of class work, 8 months of clinical work.) Most of my time was spent hunched over a book. (the classwork was 25 credits. That means 11 400level classes in one semester.) During this time, I gained 30 lbs and I have never been able to lose it again. And believe me, I've tried. I was on a vegetable and cereal diet for a month while running 3-4 miles a day and I still didn't lose a pound. Even after that, I currently still go running around 3 days a week and it has never produced any results. I really need some help.

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I wondered why you weren't beating my numbers into the ground...

Oh my upper body sucks, it always has. I'm probably going to hit up weight lifting after the marathon, so hopefully things go up a couple of months after then.

Thin Crust - it's a combination of factors. If your body is used to 3-4 miles, then your body is not going to shed that extra weight - I've been doing runs of 10+ miles myself, and I've been stuck at 180 lbs for about a year now. You have to keep pushing yourself to go further gradually. Eating less in general (but still getting a good baseline of carbs, protein, and a bit of fat is important - make sure you intake a good amount of salt and nutrients like potassium), and smarter helps too. Do a mix of activities - for example for running, have some days where you do a lot of sprints, some days where you're running distance. Do some calisthenics (push ups, crunches, situps, burpees, jumping jacks, mountain climbers, frog jumps, air squats, dips, pull ups, etc.), and vary up your sets, reps, and rest time in between sets. Same principles apply for weight lifting as well.

Ideally you want to be able to do all of these things, but it is time consuming so it can be tough to compact it all in a reasonable time frame. The two most difficult barriers for weight loss for most people are motivation and dedication. You need both in order to be successful.

Don't be so laser-focused on your weight when you do this - proper weight loss takes time, and your body weight varies with the time of the day. As you also lift weights, you are going to be gaining some weight in muscle. Also don't overdo it with the protein - your body can only handle roughly 30g every 3 hours, so if you eat more, it is far worse for you than overeating carbs. Don't neglect to eat a good amount of carbs that matches your physical activity - carbs are your body's primary natural energy source, and your body has to do more rough things to convert fat into energy. Excess carbs are stored as glycogen in your body for easy conversion into energy as needed (i.e. for more intense workouts) - many people neglect this basic bit of biology when trying to adopt a nutritional plan, and it can affect your workout if you're not careful. If you feel strange fatigue where your body feels it can't do more at a much lighter level than you're used to, it's probably because you're not eating enough carbs or getting proper nutrients (I've had it happen before).

Two and a half years ago I was 220 lbs. I've whittled it down to 180 lbs, but at one point a year and a half ago I was at 160 lbs. I probably could shed 15 lbs of fat if I hit the gym hard in addition to my standard running routines, which I want to do.

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Just went for a run. Was kind of cold so I wasn't sure if I wanted to go the full distance. Then the rain started spitting at me so I reconsidered again. At one lap around the lake I changed my mind and decided to climb an interesting hill. Then my MP3 player ran out of batteries and I called it quits. Only got in 2 miles.

Speaking of which, what kind of music do you listen to while exercising? This guy has some amazing workout music.


Here's a sample.


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Looking for ways to reverse estrogen dominance through diet and exercise. Taking Zyprexa and Strattera don't make it any better (well, Strattera can promote weight loss but not sure about testosterone and male hormone management. And do note, testosterone levels are higher in men normally, but it's NOT a male hormone)

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I admit I've been kind of out of it, but since being laid off last week (which I know, it sucks :cry: ) I've at least seen one benefit in going out for long walks more often. The tooth itself has recovered, a bit too late to seriously make an impact with the pushups, but I guess I'll be ready for the next challenge.

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So I finished the marathon in 4:23:44! My body is still sore from running it yesterday...like all over. If you have me on FB or are a friend of someone who has me, you can check out the details of my experience here: https://www.facebook.com/notes/wesley-cho/the-marine-corps-marathon-2012-my-experience-on-my-first-marathon/10151081303501472?notif_t=like

Edit: So I saw this on Fitocracy:

Sitting on my Butt:

2:30:00 (-3 pts)

That is hilarious!

To be fair to the person who put that, it was the day before the marathon (which he ran too).

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