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Doom II: Delta-Q-Delta - History

The Orichalcon

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Thanks Douli, it's always good to have hosting available.

After a little deliberating, I've placed Evilhorde on Track 01, and RoeTaKa and Evilhorde will collab on Track 07, which fills the project up again.

Edit: Forgot to mention, this thread will be moved to the WIP forum shortly for a small time, just so you guys know where it is.

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I probably should have made this clear beforehand. It slipped my mind, so here it is now:

Please refrain from sharing your tracks with the public eye at any stage of their production. This is so the final product will be a surprise and anticipation for the future full album audience. It should go without saying really.

This means no hosting at places like VGMix or Soundclick, and also no posting URL's in this thread. Either host it on a private website and PM the URL to me, or email the track to my hotmail account.

Again to clarify, I'd like all tracks to remain private and classified.

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Just wanted to come in and say I'd be happy to help out musically in any way I can (for what it's worth). If anyone wants/needs and hand with some particular thing about their track or if remixers suddenly start dropping like flies, send me a PM or something. I don't expect to be needed for anything given the high-calibur crew TO has assembled, but I figured I'd put it out there.

Looking forward to hearing your work guys. :)

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When the time comes and you need torrent seeders, since I actually will have the internet this time, I'll be more than happy to help out.

Just a suggestion here, it would be cool for publicity purposes to coordinate the release of this project with a WAD release that the Doom community is looking forward to. Just off the top of my head, Foreverhood is shaping up to be really good and might possibly be done in the same timeframe as this album.

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I have sent an e-mail with my WIP to Ori for now. In this morning I've removed the public hosted song as well.

Thanks, Txai. I should thank you for reminding me early about that too, before the deadline.

Sephfire: Thankyou for the offer, if anyone needs your help I'm sure they'll ask. Also, if a track opens up you're more than welcome to take over the placement.

reelmojo: For now I'm refraining from making a final deadline as I don't want the album to become rushed or drawn out. We were originally aiming for a 6th of June 2006 release (ie: 6/6/06.) It's a bit too early to say whether we'll make that deadline, so I won't commit to it now.

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Gah... must. get. more. ram.

in an effort to fix the gripe i've gotten in the past of my sampling not being all that great and my production values only being average, i've gotten whole new sound libraries and done significant upgrading. but it turns out my gig of ram is no longer holding up as enough. so my work will be delayed a bit (i'll still make the feb 6th deadline), but i at least already have a very solid 2 minutes completed (pre-mastering). I'll probably pm a copy/link of it to ori and see if i'm heading in a direction he sees fit.

and yeah, that private forum idea sounds very nice

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Ok guys, I still need a few email addresses before I can start forward project progress messages.

I have the email addresses of these people:

The Orichalcon











Sir Nuts

Mythril Nazgul




For anybody that's sent me WIP's so far, Keep working on the pieces, I'll check all the WIP's on Feb 6th and give feedback then over the course of that week. This is so things stay organised. If you're happy with your WIP so far, you're free to continue with it. However if you want to wait until Feb 6th to see if you're heading in the right direction, feel free to wait. There's no rush on the project right now.

One thing I will say though, now that we're swinging with the project is that I want all mixes to backup their projects to avoid any unfortunate accidents. This means saving the file twice in separate locations. If you decide to scrap a mix and start over, then keep the old file and it's backup just in case as well.

Once we've passed the first WIP deadline and are on our way to WIP2, hopefully Darkesword will move the topic to the Site Projects forum, at that point I'll ask that all mixers check the thread at least once daily, or however often you come online. Important notices will go out through email though, which is why I need a working email address from the people listed above.

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