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Merry Christmahaanukwanzuka! - What did you get this year?

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I'm surprised that no one's bothers to make a thread about it, so...

What'd you get for Christmas/Hannukah /Kwanza /Kk'nischmas /whatever misspelled holiday you observe in the Holiday Seaso

If you want you can post pics, but it's not required.

I personally will post later, once I open all my gifts... Whenever that will be!

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I was hoping for a new sound card and I got:

Three packages of muffin mix and a pillow that says "Without Music, Life would Bb"

I'm not complaining, they are still trying to relate to me afterall. but it reminds me just how much time has passed since they bought me Sonic 2 that one fateful Christmas.

Now if only I had a muffin tin...

Merry Christmas OCR!

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I'll go ahead and show off my materialistic side: here's the important part of my holiday swag.

Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies for DS

Eddie Izzard: Live At Madison Square Garden DVD

Jim Gaffigan: Mr. Universe DVD

KISS Monster CD

Pilotwings Resort for 3DS

Puzzler 3D World 2012 for 3DS

Steel Diver for 3DS

and some edibles. No I'm not sharing. :P

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I got a frozen yogurt machine and a tablet.

However, it turns out the tablet is bricked right out of the box so I have a frozen yogurt machine and a snazzy little, space-age lookin' plate to put the bowl of frozen yogurt on.

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So, what I got was a hoodie, gym shorts, a game of "Catchphrase", and $100, all from my grandmother. She likes to spoil us.

From my parents, I got some equipment for my car AKA an air compessor, an "emergency kit" that includes tiny jumper cables, a wireless computer mouse with accompanying Duke-University-themed mouse pad, clothing of the variety that I won't go into detail over (besides the two pair of Wrangler jeans - comfy!), and this son of a bitch


hell yeah

a Blue Yeti USB Microphone

I got $100 worth for EB Games and some cash, new shirts and lots of candy x.x

you wanna share that candy? :-D

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Well, didn't gain much this year but cool bits of the swag for me included:

* A couple of mugs for my novelty mug collection (!); one with barking dogs and the other with Skylanders's Tree Rex

* A fleece blanket with Sonic the Hedgehog on it

* 5 episodes of The Sooty Show on DVD (loved that as a kid xD); bonus points for including the one with Iron Maiden's Nicko McBrain teaching the drums xD

* £15 to use on the PSN

* A BRAND NEW CAMERA! Yep, the one I had was definitely getting past it xD

Otherwise, was a quiet night in especially with all my cousins growing up. We still had some visitors in the morning though, and one of my grandfathers (my dad's dad) will visit us tomorrow as well.

Happy holidays :)

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This year from the inlaws:

Puzzle Strike: Shadows

Mario Party 9

Fortune Street

Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing Transformed

Rock Band 3 keyboard (with MIDI out for Finale note entry)

One year XBL subscription

Belgian waffle maker


Waterford pattern ball-pitcher and dinner plates

Flamingo color of Fiesta table setting (we have all of them, haha)

An incredible haul of candy and food, including the biggest thing of Walker shortbread I've ever seen

An entirely new wardrobe of shirts and pants, since I forgot my suitcase at home

...And I'm sure there's more I have forgotten. It took us just under three hours to open all of the presents this year. This list doesn't include things that were specifically for Owen or Addie, either -- just the stuff to me and both of us. Addie's family goes all-in for Christmas, haha. Two Christmas trees set up, the above list doesn't include what Santa brought me (as opposed to direct presents from a named person), etc.

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I got wii u omfg

Nice! How's the Wii U Party game (the one that the Wii U comes with, whatever it's called)? I've heard it's pretty solid.

Oh that's right, it's called Nintendo Land.

Anyway, how is it?

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BFF got me Defender's Quest (awesome game) for Christmas back in October, because he fails at waiting. XD

For XMas I got a couple things for myself. RPG Maker VX Ace off Steam, because the sale for that was amazing. Probably shouldn't have, but I don't think I'll see it for the price it was for a long, long time.

The big thing I got myself was a new art program, Manga Studio 5. It has been amazing and I've adjusted to using it quicker than I thought I would.

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