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danimal cannon

Danimal Cannon and Zef - Parallel Processing (CHIPTUNEZ)

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"This project began as something of an experiment. I heard a Gameboy track by Zef soon after the completion of 'Roots', and was immediately blown away by the complexity and sound design work. I said to myself: "I want to be able to make those sounds". I had also purposefully limited myself on 'Roots' to using a single Gameboy. I didn't want to stifle my programming potential and creativity by removing the polyphony limitations of a single gameboy.

For this record, I wanted to take the Gameboy sound to the extreme. Link two gameboys together, join forces Justice League style with the best programmer I could find, and mix and master with all 8 channels isolated and seperately processed. I didn't want to make a just a chiptune record. It's an electronic music record, it's a prog record, it's... something we're pretty proud of whatever it is. What I do know, is that at the end of this year long creation process, we're better musicians than we were at the start of this project. Getting to work with a contrasting (yet complementary) style has rubbed off on me, and I think it's rubbed off on him.

For this record, we included the save files as we have with all of our previous albums (Go get them). We want to give you the same ability to grow as a musician and programmer as we've been able to. We're fans too, we just want more great music out there"


Big ups to Zef, Ubiktune, C-Jeff, Truestar, n0c, Overcoat and many more :D

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These guys have done things with GameBoys that are completely jaw-dropping. Go buy it, or at least listen to it on Bandcamp. You won't regret it.

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i never posted my ode to this album here... well here it is

~To the tune of the Darkwing Duck theme song~

Versed man of chiptunery,

Champion of rock,

Bloops out of the shadows,

Their fans begin to gawk.

They'll take it to extremes,

Past the tangible!

(3-2-1) Danimal (Parallel Processing with Zef's offerings)

Dan and Zef! (Let's get mindblown)

Danimal (Zef and, Dani-mal!)

Swarm of chips and they appear,

Instantly ending strife.

Who's that cunning mind behind

That crazy tree of life?

Nobody knows for sure,

But their skills are maximal.

'Cause here comes (Danimal!)

Look out! (Parallel Processing with Zef's offerings)

Dan and Zef! (Let's get mindblown)

Danimal! (Better jam out to this noise)

Dan and Zef!

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