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OCRA-0039 - Deus Ex: Sonic Augmentation


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  • How do you know the original Deus Ex is a special game? Even today, people joke that when they're reminded of it, they immediately have to go and reinstall it. That's how infectious it is.

    A critical part of the game's indelible impression is the music, which is why I was excited when Kyle Augustson-Stallock, then Deus Ex: Human Revolution's community manager, floated the idea of us creating a ReMix album back in October 2010. When I asked the OCR staff and community to come up with an arrangement EP, I shouldn't have been surprised that they did such a great job capturing and expanding on the feel of the DX series in their own unique, interpretive ways. After all, sonic augmentation is what we do.

    Even if you've heard other music from all of the contributors here, all ten of them presented ideas and sounds different than what you're used to hearing from them. Get ready for a different side of these talented composers and arrangers, as well as a different side to Deus Ex. With a focus on the original game alongside representation of both sequels, there's a little something for every DX fan.

    Special thanks to Kyle Augustson-Stallock for originally commissioning the album and establishing the framework for us to work with. Kyle is great to hang with in person, and it's always an honor to collaborate with legit OC ReMix fans in the games industry who know we're passionate about what we do. A big thanks to Eidos Montréal's André Vu, Adam Badke, and Valérie Bourdeau for seeing Sonic Augmentation through to completion and working hard to get this music into your hands.

    Special thanks also to Alexander Brandon (two-time contributor here, how awesome is that!) and Michiel van den Bos for enjoying the album, as well as Deus Ex: Human Revolution audio director Steve Szczepkowski for his kind words on the project.

    Much love to the artists for their seemingly limitless creativity, Andrew "OA" Luers for some really slick album art that I did my best to augment, my wife Paige for her patience and encouragement, and David "djpretzel" Lloyd for starting OC ReMix, a place where video game music is celebrated as a true form of artistic expression.

    Last, but not least, thank you to you the fans who listen to OC ReMix and go out of their way to spread the word.

    We like you the best of all.

    - Larry Oji (Liontamer)

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It requires me to get a (paid) subscription on FanPage.


No it doesn't actually. Just right-click on the "shopping cart" icon next to the song and you can do a "Save Link As" to download the mp3. I thought the same thing at first and was frustrated because I hate all of that Facebook app garbage, but then I noticed you can just save the mp3s. Problem solved :)

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Shame on you guys for doing track by track. It seems like any time one of these fan projects goes "official" it just results in everything taking longer to get released. Just look at the delays that happened with ZREO. :(

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Shame on you guys for doing track by track. It seems like any time one of these fan projects goes "official" it just results in everything taking longer to get released. Just look at the delays that happened with ZREO. :(

Shame on your face. :lol: Seriously, obviously we're glad you're hyped enough to want everything OMGnow, but that can come off as an entitlement when Eidos is working hard to give each individual track its own attention from Deus Ex's fans.

Rolling things out track by track gives each piece its own spotlight, and it's resulting in more feedback and discussion on Facebook for the album, which have been great to see. In another week, all 8 tracks will be out there and you'll have the complete EP. And it'll be worth the wait. :tomatoface:

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Yeah, it'd actually be awesome to see OCR adopt that kind of system for albums. Instead of drop-posting 6 mixes when an album comes out, it'd be pretty awesome to post 1 mix per day for let's say a week. It'd give 1 song per day some well-deserved attention on its own. It seems like project songs get the short end of the stick on the site, even a project mix that isn't flooded usually gets paired with a non-project mix that takes the top spot.

I know the goal is for people to download and listen to the entire album to appreciate everything as a whole, but who really does that? :tomatoface:

Believe me, I think it would be ideal if they did. And I know there's a lot of people from OCR in particular who do, but it's reasonable to assume there's a large portion of the audience who don't sit down and enjoy the albums as a whole.

Anyway, is this going to be posted to OCR as an OCR album when it is all released? :-)

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