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OCR02629 - Super Mario Land 'Mario Ascends to the Clouds'


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OA was right, the violin is actually a tad stiff. It was also fudged by YouTube in the first second :P

The chiptune-glitch stuff worked better. Seems pretty chill and downtempo to me. I tend to like that. Nice resonant tremolo polysaw. EP was very pure and FM-like, you don't find that kind of EP easily.

2:20 had a pretty nice fretless bass. Interesting rapid perc fillers elsewhere.

I kind of expected something like 3:09, as I was reminded of djp's comment about zircon's "Time To Oil Up".

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I don't care what any of you say. This remix is amazing!:puppyeyes:


And I thought the violin was fine. At least it was real, while still being better than 99.9999% of the best programmed sampled Violin out there.

I didn't find the intro out of place at all either.

But i'm weird. So whatever lol.

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Been a while since I've heard some good electric piano in a ReMix, so this is a treat. Honestly, it is true that this mix doesn't demand attention, but the production and arrangement is so good that it's likely to get it anyway. I've always liked the Daisy theme/Super Mario Land theme, so kudos on working magic with it here.

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The opening string section sounds rather classical, while the rest of the track is more modern, but I guess it works. After the intro, the mix is so chill and relaxed, giving a perfect feeling of mellow accomplishment. This is so refreshing and gives such a nice, fuzzy feeling. The ending violin section worked a lot better than the one at the beginning imo.

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