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True some studio's don't bother making them but I bet you could probably download most demos (especially if they are making a digital copy of each game). In fact I think PS4 is offering a demo of everything or something like that (blatant guesswork).

So really anyone with a console could just download a demo to play. It's a really weird and inferior way to do demos. I'd say it's exactly as bad and underwhelming as people are making it out to be.

studios don't like to make demos, because demos for bigger projects are literally proven to *not* sell games. just google "do demos sell games". a good example is this.

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You know what we tried to show them common sense.

we tried to show these fools what the bad sides to this would be like.

before anyone begins by comparing it to steam. there's a steam sale on right now and you know microsoft is doing with its store? getting rid of the live points and making the games in the store more expensive, xbone 180 would be exactly the same so don't compare it to steam who have allowed free games on their store whereas far as i'm aware even dlc that should be for free (ahem minecraft skins) have had to have a price tag on them.

let the fools have their tar tar sauce.

let microsoft dig its own grave.

it'l be fun to watch.

(sorry to be a buzzkill but the sheer stupidity hit me like a brick to the face)

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Resi 2? Resident Evil 2? The one that came with RE:DC? Not a timed demo, it just ends at a certain point. If you have a GameShark (or probably just put codes in an Emu now) theres a lot of unfinished placeholder areas in that demo. Fun stuff.

Errr I presume you mean Darkside Chronicles...and no it didn't come with that. It was on an old demo disk that you used to get out of gaming magazines and it definitely had a timer. Made everything so much more tense.

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studios don't like to make demos, because demos for bigger projects are literally proven to *not* sell games. just google "do demos sell games". a good example is this.

Right, because although it could potentially encourage people to buy the game, at the same exact time, it can encourage the player of the demo to not want to buy the game. Any mistake in the demo could cost them their audience, or the ones that are picky with the issue.

I didn't read the article, I'm just stating my theory.

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Yeah I'd have to say bad demos, or demos for bad games, will lower sales. Hitting people with an unexpected bad game will sell more than warning them ahead of time.

A good demo to a good game I would not think decrease its sales though

Yeah but the problem I'm stating is it could potentially be a great game but have an issue with the demo, making people think it's a bad game. It's like if there was something wrong with--say--Ocarina of Time. Bare with me. If the demo was crap but the final thing was absolutely amazing (and it was), there's a possibility it won't sell nearly as much, because the demo gave off the idea that it's gonna be a bad game. Of course, Ocarina of Time sold ridiculously well and is one of the greatest games of all time.

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Well thats why I said "Bad Demos" too. Generally I'd say Demo's traditionally have been custom tailored to show only the best parts of a game though (Kinda like how the first level is usually the most polished). Most of the time these days they are released past the release so it would be final code and not test/beta code like a lot of PS1 era demos

I remember the demo to FFVII (Got mine from PlayStation Underground) still have it... had Tifa in your party and gave you some summons to show off the games graphics lol

Anywho, Timed demos are definitely not something special/new, and masking them as a feature of "Family Sharing" is kinda dumb.

I still say there is NO reason they could of done both. Have their stupid DRM crap to control how games work in the digital library (without a disc) but still keep the disc itself as a fail back option for when the internet is down (or their service, because crap happens).

The digital library was a decent idea. The no offline option combined with the no used/trade/rent option by default was not.

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I'm a little late to the party as usual, but I wanted to share a laugh with you guys. Copied from the petition's home site, these posts are on top of the "Most popular reasons for signing" -column:


Reasons for signing Most Popular

Phukfaic McGee AUSTRALIA 9 days ago Liked 394

I love restrictions. I want always online DRM. I want the game rental business to become obsolete. I don't want to let my friends borrow games, because fuck them. All I care about is my god damn new age console that'll blow everything else out of the water!"

"Dtrex Gaming FUMS, AZ 9 days ago Liked 264

It's so important so that the Xbox one is shittier again"

"Todd McGoats XBOX RULEZ, IL 9 days ago Liked 261

If you don't sign this you are gay and you will never be a part of my halo clan."

"Retards Annon STUPIDPEOPLE, CA 9 days ago Liked 126

Please sign this petition. Support retards!"

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