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Mega Man: The Wily Castle Remix Gauntlet 2013

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Your dedication to good metadata is a shining beacon in the bleak sea of "Various Artists."

God Bless America. Anyway, I want to discuss another thing I'm seeing with novice mixers. A bit of a disclaimer: I'm going to talk now about my own approach to arrangement, and hopefully that will h

Entry submitted!

Sorry about the incomplete entry this week - I initially thought I was going to have a bit more time to work on this than I ended up having.

Nonetheless, I tried something a bit different than I normally do (hopefully...).

And with that said, I'm definitely looking forward to hearing everyone's entries this week! :)

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Dang it, pressed for time again... wasn't expecting to have to work today, and I had to go in at 10:30... I'm done at 4. It's going to be a race against the clock

Same here, my only day off is gone. So much for a long weekend. I submitted my song, I'm getting ready for work. Are you guys planning a listening party tonight?

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Orion says he just "won't have time", so I don't know about him, and Cosmic says he "can go in the second or third week".

I apologize to the guys on my team. I really didn't find out I was 'UP' until late in the week. By which time I already had plans for paying work lined up and on a deadline. Also there was some unexpected irl stuff that had to come first. I'll just have to bring it the next time I'm up.

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That's a really good bonus source that really makes me want to go this week, so I will try, but.... my studio was torn down and moved across a 30ft room yesterday (it's a big room), stuff is still in disarray, and I upgraded the interface to saffire pro from alesis io26 firewire. Probably will have stuff to learn or figure out, but the next song I make should sound a lot better any way you slice it.

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Lol, how would we do that? :P

I'll be there tracks or no tracks. :)

IF darke is able to get them up tonight ...is what I should have added.

Hey I'd love to but the ball is in Darke's court right now. Until he makes that hyperlink go hyperactive we has gotz to wait :(

Me thinks the LP will be tomorrow night at this rate.

When I first read this I thought it was "Darke's in court right now."

But then i remembered today was a holiday. Even if Darke had too much fun at PAX I think they would still wait until Tuesday to do anything right?

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