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An OverClocked Christmas 2013 ~ Now Recruiting


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Well, it's that time of year again, and I can think of nothing better than to begin An OverClocked Christmas! This year will be the seventh year of the album, and as always, it continues to grow and change as time moves on.

With that said, I'd like to extend an invitation to everyone who wishes to join the album project! All are welcome as always!

Here are the details:

Album Deadline

The same as last year, I want to have all of the tracks by

DECEMBER 17, 2013

This still gives me plenty of time to prepare the web site, upload the assets, tag all of the files, and make sure everything works properly before dropping the album proper on December 24.


Every year I receive a lot of questions about what kind of music is accepted or acceptable for this project. So I'll try to answer as many questions as I can right here.

What kind of music is allowed on the project?

Since it is a freely released album, I'm open to any kind of music you want to create. You can rearrange/remix traditional Christmas music, or find yourself a video game track you enjoy and remix that instead (this could be pretty much any game, by the way). Don't limit yourself to just snowy themed songs either, it could be Costa Del Sol from Final Fantasy VII, and you could turn it into a Christmas or wintery themed track.

Is there a limit to how long my song should be? (And other standards of quality questions.)

The simple answer is no. The long answer is, if you'd like to use any standard measure for song length or quality, I suggest looking at the OCR Standards. Especially if you plan to submit this to OCR. I think using the OCR Standards as a template is a good idea, but you don't necessarily have to follow them for the album. Remember, it's an open community project, this doesn't get posted on OCR as a regular project. That said, maybe someday, if there's enough support from every one, maybe we'll take aim at an actual official project, but for now, I'm satisfied with everything we've done thus far.

What file format should this be in?

I accept both WAV and MP3 formats. That said, if you submit it in WAV format, I need to know the following: who you are (remixer handle/artist name/band name), the title of your song, any comments you'd like added to the comments section of the tag, and a web address of your web site if you have one, and if you want it in the tag information. Also, your track should be at least 192kbps and 44khz. I try to keep this at least standard across the album. If you submit in WAV, I will re-encode it myself.

Source Ideas

Last year, Ocre posted a really great list of youtube videos highlighting some great tracks. I'm going to once again share that list here: http://ocremix.org/forums/showpost.php?p=881972&postcount=19

If you have any source song ideas, which can be pretty much just about anything you'd like to share in reference to the details outlined in this thread post, please do so in this thread, and try to call my attention to it so I can repost it in the main post here.

The Web Site (as always, thanks to Obtuse for the space!!):

An OverClocked Christmas: http://www.obtusemusic.net/OCR_Christmas/index.htm


As usual, you may contact me here on the OCR Forums through Private Message, or through my regular email address on gmail: dyne2057@gmail.com.

Questions, concerns, comments, please feel free to throw them my way and I will do my level best to get you the answer.

Thank you, and good luck!

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If I have time and energy, I would like to contribute this year. I'll probably stick to something orchestral and original though, as that tends to be easier for me to do than a remix if thats ok.

Edit: Any chance someone could help me with the mastering on it? I can mix good enough to get there, but I don't do mastering...

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Getting off topic here but there's actually a Paper Mario project in this forum...

Anyway, that Paper Mario is indeed very cool so hopefully someone remixes it!

I had not seen that. That's really cool. I'll have to take a quick look. In that case, that album may happen sooner rather than later!

Anyway, yes, I hope someone ReMixes it too.

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I need to work on my samples to get better at it. But I am sure I can muster up something, I don't know if you will accept from me (an unknown) but i'm willing to give it a try.

I have several ideas already, and since I am going to work on a Halloween track throughout the month, I feel it's only fitting to do an Xmas one.

How many tracks will be on this? I downloaded several overclocked Xmas albums and they were all quite good. I can't wait for this years album (=

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