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Super Smash Bros. Brawl


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Yes. So phucking yes. I've thought about that, too. Maybe like a race in Gusty Garden, but you get to knock your opponents off the track, send them into the black hole and such. And you could make a rule where the dirtiest player wins!

dumbest idea ever... why would you want to race in smashbros? especially in a topsy turvy place like gusty gardens?

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Four T Seven

It would be cool if they had a Mario Galaxy level.

Maybe have a couple planets side by side to fight on, but the gravity kept you there even if you were upside down. Would be an interesting dynamic.

I can't imagine this would be easily adaptable to Smash's engine. At least, it wouldn't have been easily adaptable in Melee... maybe Brawl could have more gravity-bending levels, though.

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Multiplayer races could be fun if everyone's the same character, and with enough hazards and chaos so the guy who gets in front at the start doesn't stay in front the entire race. Even then, it'd probably be not as fun as Brawling. Although... there's sure to be abundant races towards the Smash Ball!

A Mario Galaxy stage could work incredibly well, if it's one of the many levels with "normal" gravity, where down is always down. If there's a Mario Galaxy stage, my money's on Honeyhive Galaxy. That place is pretty much the embodiment of the whole game. And I just LOVE those bees!

If Megaman's 20th anniversary really IS Monday, then I finally have some reason to get my hopes up. That, and the fact that it's nearing the Japan release, there's one missing newcomer slot on the Characters page, and still at least one new franchise icon left. ....I-Is it all too good to be true?

Only time will tell!

enough with the countdown

Sshhh! It's helping forum members learn their maths!

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this thread losts its original meaning long ago

Interesting point. Let's look back to the history of this thread. I hereby announce the first annual Smash Brothers Brawl thread awards. Now for recognitions, listed In the order of which they happened.

First reply. This award goes to Arek. Congrats. Though your skepticism was fortunately wrong.

You really think they will show the next smashbros at this e3? Sounds doubtful....

First accurate guess at a new character.

I'm really excited to see whether or not the Smash Bros. Wii can improve upon Melee. The first way they can do that is to have Pit as playable character!

Second somewhat accurate guess.

I got to thinking what would happen if they placed Ash in the game. I know it's stupid, and he'd suck, but I thought about it because the pokeballs look huge in the game. If they placed Ash in the game, they'd have to make him big enough to enable him to put his fingers around the pokeball, meaning he'd have to be bigger then Bowser. His attack would be screaming I CHOOSE YOU PIKACHU at the top of his lounges for projectile damage.

First post after it was officially announced. (Sorry Jam Stunna, just a tad slow)

First mention of Sonic, page 14.

I have a feeling Sonic may be in there...

My first post here. <3

I'm hoping for an Advance Wars related character, personally.

And thanks to everybody else who competed. Better luck next 10,000 post thread. Please, take this consolation picture.


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i think by the past few posts we can all see that because of the lack of uniformity that any amount of pages to any individual person is kinda silly

but if you wanna dance around your room in some kind of bizarre celebration of a certain amount of replys to a topic on the internet go right ahead

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Can't wait for some batting practice against those karts... but where are the MK items? As long as they don't put in those stupid dirtbikes or whatever from the Wii version, I'll be happy.

Edit: I think I'm also going to have some fun planting motion sensing bombs and traps on the kart route, I'm gonna be the first one to discover all the ways to blow up those shy guys =O

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Motion Mines? Why hit one cart when you can hit ALL of them, with a Final Smash! Being Gigi Bowser or Super Sonic will no doubt be funny on that stage, at least for a little while. Or using the Landmaster, or Mario's final, or Pikachu's ^_^

And am I alone in disliking Mute City? I hate how the platforms always disappear from under you, especially when they're not on the screen. This stage is a welcome alternative =)

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