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Super Smash Bros. Brawl


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The drought will end on Monday when Megaman is revealed guys. Megaman was released on December 17th in Japan in 1987 and what better day to reveal him than his 20th anniversary!

Sakurai told me himself

I'll belive it when I see it.

I like the Ice Climbers song.

EDIT: 73

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The 10,000th post better be conversation about something amazing on the dojo, like confirmation that Geno or somebody is a playable character. Because if it is complaining about the Dojo's latest article on the ability to select a stage at random, or the ability to pick stuff up... it just won't be that epic.

Another massive fail would be somebody posting... "YAY... i r 10,000 get."


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Hmmmm, let's see, about 42 updates left if I've estimated correctly.

Updates still to come:

- 9x Special Moves

- 3x Final Smash

- Couple of Pokemon (the blue flying killerwhale and the burning chicken for example), so minimal 2

- Couple of Support Trophies (what I know is that we'll get a Metroid and Advance Wars tanks somewhere), so also minimal 2

- Probably one new character (would give us 12 new basic characters and 12 old basic characters) including FS/SM updates, total of 3 (let's hope it's Megaman on Monday then :razz:)

- Maybe some new stages

Total of about 20 updates at least that will probably be revealed before 10th of Februari.


Knowing Sakurai, who likes to think we're retarded, the other 22 updates will probably be Game Mode updates.


Wake me up in february.

im assuming updates will stop once it releases in japan

at which point we'll know everything

im pretty pissed that they havent announced jiggs' return i need jiggs to be back

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2) If a Rockman character is going to be in Brawl, I'd prefer to see either X or Trigger. Preferably Trigger. That way people might get more interested in the Legends series and then maybe Capcom will get off their asses and make Legends 3!

I like Trigger a lot too, but there's a problem. Trigger's not really representative of the Mega Man liscense. Plus, he was only in one game on a Nintendo console, which doesn't look quite as good. X was in three (five if you count the GBC games), while Rock was in many more. Plus, if the logic that Mega Man's in due to the 20th Anniversery comes into effect, it will probably be Rock because he's the one who's anniversery they're actually celebrating.

...And because the Classic games freakin' rocked.

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enough with the countdown

this thread is going to be deleted and replaced when the game comes out, so its not going to be something "epic"

the mods couldn't care less about this thread anyways

uh I'm pretty sure the whole point is to just get to 1000 pages not to actually care what's on it or if it sticks around.


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It would be cool if they had a Mario Galaxy level.

Maybe have a couple planets side by side to fight on, but the gravity kept you there even if you were upside down. Would be an interesting dynamic.

Yes. So phucking yes. I've thought about that, too. Maybe like a race in Gusty Garden, but you get to knock your opponents off the track, send them into the black hole and such. And you could make a rule where the dirtiest player wins!

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