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Artist Appreciation Competition 2015


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Artist Appreciation Competition 2015 (Kick Starter Games)

An unofficial competition that was generously allowed to be hosted on OCR.


I wanted to give a big thanks to the artists that have provided great music over the years and needed a catalyst to do so.

This competition is the result and I wholeheartedly hope everyone involved has fun in the process.

The theme for this competition is "Kick Starter Games" and participants will be choosing and remixing from various soundtracks each round.

If you have any questions or need anything clarified just ask. Thanks!

Source Material

Freedom Planet



Mercenary Kings


Shovel Knight

Tiny Barbarian

Also any other kickstarted game not specified can be used.


Nov 19 - Dec 27 - Signups.

Dec 28 - Participants will randomly be assigned Brackets.

Dec 29 - Jan 03 - Bracket A chooses their first song.

Jan 05 - Jan 10 - Bracket A remixes. Bracket B chooses their first song.

Jan 12 - Jan 17 - Bracket B remixes. Bracket C chooses their first song. Voting for Bracket A.

Jan 19 - Jan 24 - Bracket C remixes. Bracket A chooses their next song. Voting for Bracket B.

Jan 26 - Jan 31 - Bracket A remixes. Bracket B chooses their next song. Voting for Bracket C.

Feb 02 - Feb 07 - Bracket B remixes. Bracket C chooses their next song. Voting for Bracket A.

Feb 09 - Feb 14 - Bracket C remixes. Voting for Bracket B. (Remixing extended: now due Tuesday the 17th at the last second of the day.)

Feb 16 - Feb 21 - Voting for Bracket C. (Voting extended: from Wednesday the 18th through Tuesday the 24th at the last second of the day.


  • Here are all three.
    1. Alpha
    2. Bravo
    3. Charlie

    [*]Participants will be randomly divided into groups then assigned to each bracket (I'll try to adjust if needed in order to compensate for individuals that have personal scheduling conflicts).

    [*]Individuals in each bracket will remix two songs over the course of this competition.

    [*]Example: If 16 people signup then brackets will include (5,5,6) individuals. 32 songs will be created in total. 16 in all 3 bracket's round 1. 16 in all 3 bracket's round 2.

Participant To Bracket Assignment


Prizes ($540 total)

The winners of each round will receive. (You will be contacted if you win, so please provide a paypal account etc to receive your prize. I can do money orders too. They are guaranteed by the post office and I can confirm delivery as well.)

  • 1st Place) $45
  • 2nd Place) $30
  • 3rd Place) $15

Prize Delivery Status - Legend (Pending | Sent (Receive Issue) | Sent)

  • Round One
      1. Hylian Lemon
      2. Gario
      3. Cosmic Sounds
      1. Cyril The Wolf
      2. Nutritious
      3. Garpocalypse


    1. MushroomSword
    2. Ghetto Lee Lewis
    3. Jonathan!

    • Round Two

        Anyone can signup.
      • Please PM the competition organizer or post here to signup and your name will be added to the roster.
      • Please title the PM "AAC 2015 - Signup" with your preferred artist name in the body of the message.
      • When mixing please remix solo with no outside help to simplify payment to winners.
      • I need a minimum of 9 people in order to start. Please tell your talented friends!


  • PM the competition organizer no later than Sunday 12:00AM EST (Saturday midnight) at the end of the remixing week with a link to your remix.
  • You can host on Dropbox, Soundcloud etc.
  • I prefer MP3 format.
  • Please use the following format to name your song.
    • Format: "Remixer - Your Title (Source Game - Source Track Name).mp3"
    • Example "shadow24 - Flood Gates (Mercenary Kings - Dam II).mp3"


Vote in the proper voting threads no later than Sunday 12:00AM EST (Saturday midnight) at the end of the voting week.

  1. Choosing songs. (Participants Of The Respective Bracket Only)
    • You cannot choose the same source twice.
    • You get to pick your own song from all these sources. (This can be abused if you are not a procrastinator / bogged down)

[*]Voting on remixes (Everyone)

  • The organizer can only vote in order to tiebreak.
  • Voting should be based on asking yourself the following questions.
    • Is at least 50% of the source material used?
    • How well is the remix composed, arranged, produced, and mastered?
    • How well do you enjoy the remix?

    [*]Please vote for your top three choices.

    [*]Using the artist's name or song title both work when voting.

    [*]Example Vote_shadow24.png

    [*]Counts for votes go as following (1st => 3pts, 2nd => 2pts, 3rd => 1pt).

    [*]Remixers cannot vote for the song that they made.

    [*]Any remixer in the competition who votes will automatically receive 3pts towards their entry because they voted.

[*]Voting Threads (Everyone)



Album Art (Template and Example)

PDN Template (Character art taken from DeviantArt artists spacemanstrife (Freedom Planet) and gsilverfish (Tiny Barbarian))


Sigs (Template and Example)

PDN Template (Freedom Planet) (Character Art By DeviantArt Artist spacemanstrife)


PDN Template (FTL) (Ship Art By DeviantArt Artist MeckanicalMind)


PDN Template (La-Mulana)


PDN Template (Mercenary Kings)


PDN Template (Shantae)


PDN Template (Shovel Knight)


PDN Template (Tiny Barbarian)


Please see Hylian Lemon for the all in one sig. (I had to remove it here due to a 10 image post limitation.)

Hylian LemonGariosupercoolmike


  1. Nutritious
  2. Cyril The Wolf
  3. gercr


  1. Brandon Strader
  2. MushroomSword

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First of all, this competition looks pretty organised and clear - it's a nice idea to be able to give back towards the artists in monetary form as well as focus really well on emphasis on a single game score.

However, if you're expecting 50+ people taking part, I'd recommend that you simplify the bracket considerably - Mercenary Kings isn't really a popular game for artists to cover, or if it is, it definitely isn't as iconic as Sonic, Mega Man, Final Fantasy or Shovel Knight - 4 other games which similarly had bracket styled competitions from these.

So if there's any way you'd be able to revise your brackets for a potentially smaller turnout, you might be able to get a workable competition here. This is my tuppence on the whole thing *_*

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Thanks for the reply and complements. In all honesty I'm not expecting 50 participants. It's just 51 would be my upper limit since I'd have to mp3 tag everyone's music in a day. If just 20 people signed up then I would be happy. I'm hoping everyone is just waiting until they know their new year's schedule before deciding. I feel the signup allotment time is very generous. The bracket style is so people won't get burnt out and have a good break between mixing. Let me ponder your suggestion though.

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If everyone names their files properly, tagging should only take a few minutes no matter how many there are. You shouldn't be tagging files individually anyway. MP3Tag or the equivalent is essential for any compo organizer (not using ThaSauce, anyway).

Oh ok I've never hosted a compo before so I'm trying to get everthing right. I'll take away the upper restriction and put a lower one. Also I may extend signups a week into january if I don't see alot of interest. Its tricky setting this up during popular holidays this time of year.

Also, I'll probably hit Darke up for some sub-forum voting threads near the end of signups as an alternative to PM voting.

Edited by shadow24
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Thank you for volunteering guys / gals :)

If signups are still low in early december then I'll add in other successful kickstarter games such as FTL, Shantae, Pier Solar And The Great Architects, Freedom Planet, Tiny Barbarian, and Shovel Knight. Also I'll remove song voting and just have people pick what they want from all the OST tracks. Until then though I'll leave the setup as is.

OK: Updated this competition, changed some things etc. See top post.

Edited by shadow24
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when I was reading the "Info" comment, I couldn't help but notice something and just wanted to clarify

Participants will be randomly assigned to each bracket.

Each bracket will remix two songs.

so Even if the bracket can have 5 people in it, only 2 remixes can come out?

or did you mean

Each person within the bracket has to have two remixes to submit.

(I say this because I remember shadow24 saying that he originally had planned for at least 50 people, so it caught my attention to see that only a couple of songs would actually be made)

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so Even if the bracket can have 5 people in it, only 2 remixes can come out?

or did you mean

Each person within the bracket has to have two remixes to submit.

Each person who signs up will create a total of 2 songs over the course of this entire competition (2 rounds per bracket). If 7 people are in bracket A round 1 then 7 songs will be made. 1 for each participant. When round 2 hits then another 7 songs will be made. 1 for each participant.

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If you want a character lineup sig like mine right away, let me know and I can slap your name on one. Otherwise I can make everything when the signups are over.

Lots of great source tunes to pick from, and yet Shantae is the only one with a posted remix (by the composer, no less). Go where no remixer has gone before!

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Try sending out a bunch of invites to OCR members, Get it mentioned on an OCR talkback, and make some posts on the indie studio's forums for the games being selected and encourage people to sign up.

You may also want to consider making a .blogspot page to make the competition look more official to non-ocr forum members. Someplace to host the remixes and competition info alongside using the Competition subforum.

Just some thoughts...

good luck recruiting for this!

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I'll pay winners after each round concludes as long as they contact me back with some sort of payment delivery method such as PayPal. It's better than paying everyone at the very end and would build trust with participants. Originally when I thought of doing this compo I had asked Shariq to host and was willing to put all the prize money in an OCR holding account up front. I can only ask people that they trust me for now.

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If you want to mix music from another kickstarted based game such as FTL or Shovel Knight then please do. I listed the other ones on request as well. I'll post an update on the main page.

FTL is a great game with some nice ambiance. I'd love to hear someone's interpretation of one of the themes.

As to why Shovel Knight was not listed... It's because Shariq just had a competition for it. If you want to remix Shovel Knight by all means go ahead.

Edited by shadow24
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