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Any OCR artists with work on iTunes?


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I'm not a major proponent of Itunes but over the holidays I was given a rather large number of Itunes Gift Cards and I was thinking of what I should put them into. Since I already have pretty much everything I want from itunes I was thinking of using them to support anyone from OCR who has work on there that i was previously unaware of.

If you have something on there list it here and i'll probably end up buying it. :)

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Welcome to the Real World is up on Itunes if you haven't brought it already ;)

Hey, You gave that away for free for a short time Will! :) though i probably should pay for it with as much as i have listened to it.

Thanks for the suggs so far! I want to try to get at least one album from everyone i can.

...zircon i already have a bunch from you. :)

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