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Chronology: A Jazz Tribute to Chrono Trigger - History

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As many of you know The OC Jazz Collective released its' first single last April entitled "The Guru". Since it's release, the track has garnered over 2000 listens on SoundCloud and maxed out its' downloads. The track can be heard at the following link: https://soundcloud.com/wiesty/the-guru-the-oc-jazz-collective

To celebrate, we're announcing our first planned album release on OCRemix...

20 Years of Chrono Trigger

In summer of 1995, SquareSoft released what would become one of the most iconic and recognizable video games in JRPG history. Created by "The Dream Team" of SquareSoft, Chrono Trigger pushed the limits of the Super NES and had its' gamers holding onto their consoles despite the dawn of a new generation that was soon to follow. Most memorable however, was Yasunori Mitsuda's beautifully crafted soundtrack which set the atmosphere for the game and kept gamers immersed in what would become one of Square's most iconic stories.

"Chronology: 20 Years of Chrono Trigger" will be the OC Jazz Collective's debut album and will pay tribute to Mitsuda's/Uematsu's score and its' legacy that has stood the test of time. The album will consist of 8 jazz and funk arrangements which span the entirety of the game's story. This album will consist of all live instrumentation and performances from the OC Jazz Collective's impressive line up of musicians.


Project Director: Wiesty

David Lloyd
Andrew Luers
Glauber Lopes
Schwarzer Alptraum
Collin Otto

Max Nolan

XPRTNovice (Soprano/Alto/Bari Sax)
Anthony Lofton (Tenor Sax)
Fratto (Trombone, Arranging)
Sir Jordanius (Trumpet)

Jorik Bergman (Flute)

Nostalvania (Piano, Arranging)
audiofidelity (Bass, Guitar)
Wiesty (Director/Drums/Percussion/Piano, Arranging)
DrumUltimA (Vibraphone, Arranging)
AndyP (Guitar)

Track List

65,000,000 BC : Burn! Bobonga! (Arr. Wiesty)

12,000 BC: Sealed Door (Arr. Nostlvania)

600 AD: Magus Theme (Arr. Wiesty)

1000 AD: Secret of the Forest (Arr. Wiesty)

2300 AD: Ruined World (Arr. Wiesty)

1999 AD: Wings of Time (Arr. Nostlvania)

∞: Brink Of Time (Arr. Fratto/Wiesty)

More news to follow....

Expected Release: August, 2015

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Super excited about this, but I need to point out that the Projects forum is specifically for OCR-approved official projects. As far as I know, neither Dave, Larry, nor I have heard about this album project before. Moving this over to R&C for the time being.


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Hey all!




While we had hoped to release the album in time for the 20th anniversary of Chrono Trigger's NA release, we have some exciting updates to share!


-The album titled has been officially set as Chronology: A Jazz Tribute to Chrono Trigger


-All but two tracks have been sent off for post production! We are getting very close to having the music finished.


-Jorik Bergman (Bowlerhat) has signed on to play flute on a tune for the album.


-djpretzel will be helping us to get a website up and going for the release!


That's all for now folks! We hope to be getting a trailer out to you sometime in early autumn. Stay tuned!

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This is really exciting! Thanks Sagnew for drawing my attention over here with your dang like button mashing :D Sad that I couldn't be involved, even tho you wanted a simple flute part.. though it probably wasn't simple enough for me. Despite having a couple mixes posted with flute I still consider myself a beginner, don't even have embouchure down pat yet. 

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@Wiesty Very psyched, of course. I haven't been chiming in lately because my second daughter is going to be born like, tomorrow, and things have been pretty crazy.

Please make sure we discuss logistics & schedule before any release date is announced.

And if we've got some sort of short trailer, or just a quick audio demo we can play, for the upcoming MAGFest panel.... let's do it :)

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