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OCR03095 - Space Station: Silicon Valley 'Soap Globe'


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I have been lurking on OCRemix listening to the music here since 2003. OC Remixers like Quinn Fox, Analoq, McVaffe and Darkesword have formed my musical taste since high school, and I've heard fantastic work here, but this is the first time I've felt the need to actually register for these boards and comment on something in twelve years.

Space Station Silicon Valley is one of the most original and unique games ever published, but it's been criminally forgotten. This is a tragedy. Imagine my joy to find that not only *someone* else out there remembers it exists, but liked my favorite piece in the game enough to remix it. Snow Joke in the original form is a very chill, relaxed, loungey piece of music which has that indefinable quality which lets it be run on loop for hours without becoming tiresome. A .usf rip of it has been part of my 'it's snowing outside' playlist for many years. This remix has just replaced it.

'Soap Globe' doesn't deviate terribly much from the original melody, but enhances it with an almost Earthbound vibe, kind of a playful exuberant wackiness. It sounds like someone recorded a band that had been messing around on stage more interested in having fun than performing a professional set, then tried out all the effects they had available to see what sounded cool. It's 'dirty' in a good way, every iteration of the melody sounding totally different from the last one. It's never boring for a single second.

Here's my single complaint: please change that awful, awful freaking ending. Introduce a new, more kicked-up, kind of tropical melody variant and then immediately fade to close? Why in the world? Where's my extended version.

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OMG it has been too long since a Nase remix! One of my favorite OCReMixers with too few remixes; I hope he submits more!

Loving the sound on this one!


i'm not into remixing that much these days. got a couple ideas tho...also, random compos might work. like for this one.

i don't like setting out to do something specific. too much expectations then, often. maybe that'll change at some point.

i wanna remix zant's battle music from twilight princess, for example. that's really hard though, atleast in my mind.

i need some confidence to just try my luck with tunes i really like. it usually ends up interesting enough if i just keep at it...

anyway, regarding the game, i'm glad there's a few around who can connect with it. and i'm not really one of them. lol

i read about it while mixing however, and it seemed very cool. the fact alone that you can stop the BGM ingame by crushing speakers...

oh and regarding the fadeout ending, that's part of the yoshi cameo. the last melody that's playin is just the SMW theme. played with SMW samples.

it's just a joke, but it makes the fadeout work in my book.

peace! thanks for writeup djp, thanks for listening!

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While this one is less energetic and more lounge-ish, it still has its own ton of funk. Excellent mix!

thanks man. i think it's a rather tame mix honestly. but i have to say, to me it has the best drum and bass fills i've ever done. it was sort of an educational mix in that way.

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