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BadAss: Boss Themes: Volume I - History


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Checking in - I'm reloading up all my VSTis and samples on my laptop as it is much easier to work with. However, that currently means the bass synth is missing and various effects aren't there - hence my lack of contribution thus far. I hope to upload something by 6PM GMT - I also hope to learn XML and do some of my IT assignment by then.

Hey, stranger things have happened.

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Uh... did someone change our thread name?

Ok, well, anyway, about the deadline, and WIPs...

We're gonna deal with this the same way we did for the last WIP date. For those of you who weren't here last time, here's how things go down: If you got a WIP in, good for you. If you didn't (yet) you still have the chance to. But if someone else turns a quality WIP in first, well, you lost the track. Give me awhile to look around and I'll post a list of who has submitted a WIP so far.

EDIT: Anyone who wants to work on art/web design, check the thread on our forums. And PM me.

EDIT2: Everybody, just ignore the first post, and the track list for now. It's always been a mess. I'll fix it as soon as I can.

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Almost a whole week after I said I'd do it in a day, and I've got a list of those who hit the deadline.





The Joker



Apparantly Dash Myoku, too, I suppose

... Is that it? I wouldn't be surprised if I missed someone, but... thats just... obscene. Yecchhh. Is that really all we got? Someone please tell me I'm wrong. Tell me I missed at least 3 people. Please.

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Well, like I said before, I'd love to Collab, but my computer doesn't have internet. Also, I usually don't know when I'll be able to get online, so I wouldn't want that to slow you down, atleast.

I'll go solo, but I probably won't submit it to this project. You made the MIDI, you probably have some of the remix going. I'll just let you have it. Me? I've always wanted to remix some Gunstar Heroes music on my own.

By the way, Pi...were there any tracks that weren't taken already? I don't mind taking a leftover. :3

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ed;241209']Someone please tell me I'm wrong. Tell me I missed at least 3 people. Please.

I was kinda hoping to ride this deadline out on what I already had from before. I'm not trying to be lazy, it's just that school really hasn't let up like I thought it would. But, spring break is next week :)

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  • 2 weeks later...

OK, I've been thinking. I'm not gonna whine, "I don't want to, but if I need to...", because I'd rather have this project take another year, than have to deal with certain kinds of people. If you sign on, at least make an effort to keep up. The following people are, as of currently, off the list:



James George









...Let me make my point. You aren't "off the project", so to speak, but I'll be removing you from the front page. Either get a something in, or your spot gets stolen by a new artist. And don't think we aren't looking around for others to call in, too. I would post Abadoss and Rexy, but they at least said why, or rather, even showed around here. They get my leniency.

Now, looks like I'll re-do this for a, what, third time? Re-focusing the project, although I don't really want to. I was thinking about it, and came to a conclusion. Having rock, techno, orch, etc. is a bit too wide for a project to sound good all put on one album. So from now on, even though I know it'll really mess things up, just try to focus more on rock. If you already have stuff done, don't worry about it. I just would rather have things cleaner. Thing about something like what Metroid Metal did for Metroid. It's an easier-to-reach goal, and a rock album would sound nicer than one with one with wildly differing tracks. Ech, messy.


Off the project = temporary, if you get something in

New genre = Rock, but if you have something done, don't be afraid to get it in

Metroid Metal = I just got a real good idea. I'll be contacting someone...

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This will be sooo great, I can't wait until it's released!

Also, can you join the "new" forums even if you're not a remixer? I'd really like to give feedback on the WIP's, or help any way I could.

You have warmed my cold, stone heart.

Join the forums? Hmm... I'll speak with the others, cause there's a point between giving feedback on the wips, and giving away the finished ones. We'd have to make a new section on the forums, so give me a bit to talk about it.

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I think the genre specification should be a little more open.

Like, tracks should be based in rock, but hybridized styles welcome. i.e. Symphonic Rock, Electro Rock, Symphonic-electro Rock. Basically rock, & it's sub genres.

Also, I'm working on a album art concept, & I'll pm you when I have something solid.

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Like, tracks should be based in rock, but hybridized styles welcome. i.e. Symphonic Rock, Electro Rock, Symphonic-electro Rock. Basically rock, & it's sub genres.

What I was getting at, pretty much. But when the genres get too far out, it's hard to fit it all on one album. It needs to sound nice.

EDIT: Hey, stemage from MetalMetroid wrote back, so, thats good news. As follows:

Hey Franklin, it's Grant with Metroid Metal. Got your e-mail. :)

Cool idea!! I don't think I can offer an entire manned track on my own, but I will offer myself as a guitar or mastering source. Looks like you have several guitar players, but no one under mastering. I'd be happy to offer chops or help sweeten and finalize lacking tracks for the final CD. I'd prefer to have the wavs sent to me, and I send them back fixed up, instead of running the entire disc from my machine. Besides, everyone may not need my help. And you can list me as Stemage from Metroid Metal.

Just let me know if I can be of any help on those fronts. :)


While I'd actually like a track from him, any kind of help would be every kind of awesome. If you need some kind help, ask him.

Now watch as we lose him because every single one of you demand assistance... savages.

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Yeah, sorry haven't been around giving updates ^^. Obviously it's a little embarrassing to keep posting in the forums in lieu of having done nothing.

Things are finally starting to settle down in my life, and I've got free weekends again. And I don't even want to tell you what else went wrong to slow me down late Feb. (it started when my RAID arrays mysteriously disintegrated...).I'm going to work my ass off this weekend to post something complete/almost complete.

Project leaders: I'll leave AIM up this weekend. It would be nice to discuss things live with ya, so if yer on send me a hello (maestrodeclure).

Regarding focus, well, I was actually working on a orchestral sound with a rock/FX blend. I kinda don't know what I'm doing with the rock, kinda playing by ear. So please pick on my WIP this weekend rock people. I think I got a good sound going, I'll post it for feedback...

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