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Metal - looking for new music


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i'm just listening to this old favorite of mine, a kind of symphonic death metal album from 2001. it's by one austrian dude, mainly.



i marvel over this. it's so epic, it's silly. it's the kind of music that doesn't take itself seriously by taking itself way too seriously.

obviously, the lyrics are in this weird dictionary patchwork style that's all about making a chain of impressive sounding words, but i kinda like it here.

and it has this anthemic quality all over it. really good melodies, and then some parts which are even sort of punk. like, really hard thrash metal parts that don't get overly technical but just kick ass.


and it occurred to me that i don't really dig this genre in general, but there obviously must be more notable exceptions. i'm not talking strictly death metal, but more about the bulk of stuff i don't really know. i haven't followed metal closely in about 10 years, and i mostly listened to thrash metal back then.


i think another thing is, i'm sort of picky about the timbre of singers. in this case, it just works for me for some reason. the growls sound more like some senile sage spouting nonsense. idk, it has a unique character to it when i compare it to the more standard growling in death metal and such.


like, i wouldn't really like slayer if i didn't like araya's voice so much. i would like megadeth more if mustaine's voice wasn't so hit or miss to me. metallica is more about hetfield's voice than hammet's solos to me. and i love solos, don't get me wrong. i'm just noticing how important a good voice is to me. and that mostly means, a voice that sticks out.


i can't really pinpoint a "genre" of singing i definitely prefer, but to be vague about it, i like "ballsy" voices more than "hair metal" voices. not that there aren't any ballsy hair metal voices. ew.


little addition: the other growling band i listened to was opeth, but i mostly liked them for the non-growling parts ;)

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Yo! Huge metalhead here, so it's cool to see this as the first post right after I made an account :D


Hollenthon is some pretty cool stuff. I haven't listened to them very much, but I dig how they mix the symphonic elements with actually good riffage. Too many bands fail to do that. It sort of reminds me of some of Therion's stuff. The vocals sometimes remind me of Dark Tranquility too.

Anyway, if you're looking for some metal recommendations for bands you might not have checked out, you should try listening to the thrash band Artillery! It isn't similar in any way to what you posted, but people have generally been pretty favorable when I recommended them in the past. You said you used to listen to thrash though, so maybe you've already heard them. The vocals are vaguely operatic with some grit to them, and the riffs are just technical enough.



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no, i just heard the name b4! this was before youtube, so the most obscure things i heard were anthrax and children of bodom, maybe. not very obscure at all, in other words :)


i'm quite surprised you know hollenthon at all, actually. i thoroughly recommend a full listen of this album, i think it's a brilliant one. no other hollenthon tunes i found on yt later grabbed me the same way.


anyway, i'll check out artillery.

right now i'm giving in flames a try, who i was indifferent about back then. they're decent. seems like they're one of the better things that came with this whole emo wave. i mean, this whole combination of heavy and soft thing that hit hard with SOAD and folks. in flames seem influenced by that a bit.

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I find it hilarious that some of my favorite metal is made with sample libraries. :< Top 5:



If you haven't heard this, your life isn't complete yet.



Loved the vocals here, especially the low speaking part.



Once you know who made this, 'nuff said.



Pretty much defines djent IMO. Super heavy, low tuning, and just brutal.



Plenty of character in this. I don't see this as bad singing, just very emotional singing. ;-)




And just for kicks, this dissonant, almost-metalstep thing I made, 'cause dubstep/metal mashups don't get enough love:



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holy fuck the riffs! yeah i'll give artillery a good listen.


but seriously, good riffs. this goes right in on first time listen.


so first stop artillery. i like to move slow with new music.


voice seems alright, is this Dio style somehow? i only know Dio from Black Sabbath, but the vocal style sounds familiar.


yeah, it's a little bit like a more screamy version of Dio.


(btw, what a great album cover)

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holy fuck the riffs!


Yeah that's what it's all about! I think By Inheritance(the whole album) is pretty much a masterpiece. The riffs are insane! I sometimes get burned out on thrash, but that one will never get old to me. The vocals are very likely influenced by Dio to some extent. Once I get around to actually doing some remixes on here, I'll do one in a style similar to Artillery riff-wise. I think that would be pretty rad!


I noticed some talk of melodic death metal in here too(and Nase mentioned checking out In Flames). Not sure what era of In Flames you checked out, but if you dig their older stuff then you should definitely check out some At The Gates!


Slaughter of the Soul is a pretty well liked album among fans, and is pretty iconic when it comes to melodeath. I'd expect a lot of people to have heard this one anyway, but check it out if you haven't :)

Oh also another one of my favorites is Carcass! I'm a huuuge fan of their grind/death metal stuff(on Necroticism and Symphonies of Sickness), but if you're into melodeath at all, you'll love Heartwork! It's a pretty kick ass album, and has a bunch of awesome riffage. It's usually mentioned that this was the album that pretty much invented the style. It's much different than Carcass' earlier stuff, but I still dig it. It's like intense thrash/death metal riffs with a good amount of melody thrown into it.



Speaking of screamy versions of Dio 


<Nightmare - The Burden of God video>


That is some awesome stuff too! The vocals also remind me of Artillery, so the "screamy version of Dio" is starting to gain even more credibility haha. This one also kind of reminds me of Agent Steel's modern output. I think Omega Conspiracy was a pretty good comeback album, and that Nightmare track made me think of this for some reason.



Their earlier stuff sounded like a crazy, faster version of Judas Priest though. Insanely high pitched vocals haha.

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I'd also recommend this entire album, Archangels In Black



Adagio & Stephan Forte are super underrated. Though Stephan himself has been doing pretty well in the instrumental guitar scene lately. Last I recall he was touring with Marty Friedman.

Have loved Adagio for over 10 years... where did they go?!? Sanctus Ignis and Underworld are amazing. And Archangels in Black got a lot of plays too :)


For some fun here's some 2spooky4me


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Have loved Adagio for over 10 years... where did they go?!? Sanctus Ignis and Underworld are amazing. And Archangels in Black got a lot of plays too :)


For some fun here's some 2spooky4me



Officially, I believe they're still a band and did a live album a couple years back or maybe it was a reissue. The members are kind just doin' their own things at the moment.


Also, it's not extreme metal, but damn the Kiske/Somerville album owns.


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Carcass started the whole 5150 thing with guitar tones for death metal, on the Heartwork album... they're a big reason why I have a 6505 right now. 


Yeah man! I love that tone. That's a great amp! The other guitarist in my old band had a 6505, and I loved messing around on it.


Amazing performance.

<Iced Earth - Dante's Inferno video>


Ah I was pissed to catch them on that tour with Symphony X on pretty much the only date where they DIDN'T play Dante's Inferno. My buddy who saw them in Philly told me Dante's Inferno was in the set, and that was the entire reason I went to the show pretty much. Such an awesome tune! I was also really lucky to be able to see Iced Earth do one last show in NYC with Matt Barlow on vocals a few years back. That was one I will never forget! 


Anyway! Are there any Cynic fans in the house? I feel like a lot of people on here would dig them. Paul Masvidal is one of my favorite guitarists, and I always thought the combination of him and Sean Reinert on drums was perfect. Here's a track from their "classic" album, Focus. They started off as one of the first technical death metal bands(at least I'd say their demo stuff could be called death metal), but changed it up quite a bit and became way more straight up prog over the years. The occasional "robot-like" vocoder vocals annoy some people, but that solo at the end is beautiful!



Here's some of their newer stuff. They pretty much abandoned death metal, but still managed to retain their overall style. As much of a fan I am of traditional death metal, I LOVE their modern stuff, and think it fits their playing styles. It's definitely a step up in creativity from most bands out there. 



And speaking of Masvidal and Reinert, they were in a band called Death as well. Death might just be my all time favorite band since I love every era of their career(I really dig the early, raw death metal stuff as well as the more melodic progressive stuff they did later on). It's a shame Chuck Schuldiner died :(


I think this album(Human) had a pretty perfect lineup with the aforementioned dudes from Cynic as well as Steve Digiorgio on bass! 



And of course I love their later progressive stuff too!

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I guess I'll just post some bands from where I'm from (Qc), so you have a good chance of not knowing them.

Agonist; the singer left for Arch Enemy

Quo Vadis; tech death melodic or something, this song never gets old.

This is more heavy metal, not death ... was a good success in the 90s (sings in French)

Unexpect; they toured with Dream Theater; it's like the Cirque du Soleil of multiinstrumetal.
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