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Mega Man X: The Sigma Fortress Remix Gauntlet 2015


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Oh hey guys. After spending a major part of the last year figuring my life out, I'm itchin' to get back into the game. 

  1. Flame Mammoth (X1)
  2. Squid Adler (X5)
  3. Wheel Gator (X2)
  4. Chill Penguin (X1)
  5. Crystal Snail (X2)

Team is Jameson Sutton, and Theory of N, and myself. Team name is currently pending.

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I'm looking forward to this but do not have too much free time at the moment. Good luck everyone!

By the way is there a tentative schedule for this competition? Hope I didn't miss it skimming through. I'm guessing sign ups will last for at least the duration of this week.

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Eh, I figure it doesn't really matter which theme I choose, to be honest--I'm unfamiliar with all this stuff, so there'll be a learning curve no matter what. I just went with stuff that seemed like it would fit with a variety of chord progressions, since I'll have to meld it with other music every time.


Also, I just realized that we have a Core(y) of Michael Jordan. Booyah, prepare to get dunked on, suckas! :P

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