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Mega Man X: The Sigma Fortress Remix Gauntlet 2015


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I'm a total ghost around these parts, but I saw this and it caught my attention. I've been going through Mega Man games to try and find inspiration for my own music for the last few weeks, and it kind of seemed too amusing. I'm teamless. If anyone can deal with a metalhead with shitty recording gear, feel free to scoop me up. Here's a clip of the only remix/rearrangement thing I've actually finished and uploaded, for reference purposes:



My picks I actually WANT to do:

1. Blaze Heatnix (X6)

2. Boomer Kuwanger (X1)

3. Spark Mandrill (X1)

4. Flame Mammoth (X1)

5. Bubble Crab (X2)


My maybe slightly more realistic picks:

1. Magma Dragoon (X4)

2. Frost Walrus 2nd stage (X4)

3. Toxic Seahorse (X3)

4. Shield Sheldon (X6)

5. The Skiver (X5)

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Sorry I'm late making my picks, Ethan and Dusty told me about this last week and I forgot to make my picks. This is a hard pick, I want to remix all 5 of these at the same time.


1) Squid Adler (X5)

2) Slash Beast (X4)

3) Blizzard Wolfang (X6)

4) Izzy Glow (X5)
5) Rainy Turtloid (X6)


~Jameson Sutton

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