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GrayLightning steps down from the judges panel


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I think I did that in zyko's reappointment thread, but I think I'll say it again here for references' sake. Gray was among one of the nicest people I came to know in the community, and it shows to his communication with others.

I found him one of the more informative people when telling me something's been going on inside the "walls", so to speak.

I found him one of the most comforting people that I managed to speak to whenever things go wrong.

I found him to be a very fine example of communication while seeing drama at a minimum.

And on top of that, as shown by his musical aids for multiple artists (dhsu, Bladiator and myself among others), he was also shown to be a great assist to remixers alike.

I don't even know if I'll get to speak to him again down the line, but whatever happens, I hope he does well in his new career.

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Gray was a pleasure to work with, both on the panel and on the mod team. He was always very dedicated to his job. But besides that, he was also a good friend, and it's sad that I haven't even seen him on AIM for months now. He would never hesitate to listen to one of my WIPs or give feedback; there was never a bad time for him.

I'm going to miss GL :(

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Despite his increasingly busy schedule, he would always take the time to provide me feedback on my latest WIP whenever he could. For a guy with a demanding new job and judging duties, that's no small feat.

Journey's End wouldn't have turned out half as awesome without you, Gray. If you couldn't tell already, you're gonna be missed around here.

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Indian BURN!

Yoga Fire?

It takes talent to come up with a pun worse than mine. :lol:

P.S. You forgot to turn off anti-hotlinking on your site. :P

Actually, that should be open for quite a few sites. There's only a very small amount of people that get the wrong image, and it's usually related to some sort of proxy use.

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