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GrayLightning steps down from the judges panel


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A few weeks ago Gray took on a new job and moved to his new "Corn Crib", wherever that may be. As a career move, Gray didn't have time to continue evaluating tracks for the site, so he chose to step down a couple of weeks ago. zyko's come in again to help us out ("boom-diggity," he'd say), but my deepest respects go out to Gray for his 2+ years of dedicated work to the panel and OCR as a judge and moderator.

I personally learned a lot from Gray about music as well as the community. His ability to interact with everyone and keep drama to a minimum helped us greatly, and I can't honestly think of anyone who hates the guy. I'm sure I speak for everyone on the panel when I wish him the best of luck with his career and hope that we seem him again soon. Thanks for everything you've done here, Gray.

You smellzy punk. :-P

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I think it should be stated here if nowhere else that Graylightning was largely responsible for my appointment to the panel. That's not neccesarily a great thing in it of itself, though.

There were seasons where he literally did the work of two or three judges, plus he was one of the few "nice" people in this community that I could talk to without getting a headache. His absence will be felt for a long time.

Gray, you've left a large, discolored shadow on the panel, in our hearts, and on our wangs (where applicable).

Miss you bro.


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i still remember when larry went to unmod posting in most of the threads the following quote: "less liontamer, more liontamer, more judgehate". then gray helped him with this joke saying "larry is bringing back the golden age of unmod".

and after this fact most of unmod users started angry with both. gorveg created a thread called "ban liontamer and graylightning". he said they posted that joke in almost 17 threads.

well and finally, both stopped ROFLING. :lol:

as for Gray, i've talked to him for feedback and such. He's a great guy. Particularly one of my best friends in this community. He was always good in what he did, never caused trouble and audiences loved him. I think Larry summarized him well.

i lost a true friend.


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Gray was awesome. Well, I assume he still is, but it's a shame he'll have to take his awesomeness somewhere else. He was levelheaded even under fire, and a huge asset to this community. He will be missed.



Sad to see Gray go, since he was probably my most direct connection to the inner workings of OCR, and a really nice guy. We'll miss ya, dude.

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