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OCR03297 - Mega Man 3 "The Jazzassin"


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This is an incredible arrangement. So incredible, that if Capcom did another jazz arrangement album of Mega Man music, I would put this on that album. This is an excellent example of making an already existing track and making it your own. It also sounds great on a technical level. The balancing is perfect, and each instrument is appropriately panned. And changing the time signature was a pretty ballsy risk, but the risk paid off very well. Excellent work.

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Oh yeah, I do love me some Nostalvania working some Jazz magic all over Shadow Man's stage. Sounds super natural, like you could stick this in a jazz club or old school pool tavern and no one would question it. Loved the piano and time sig switching work here, and the arrangement is well written so that the mix never got stale, staying fresh the whole time. This is excellent, damn good mix, I'd say.

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