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OCR01512 - Amberstar "AmberTrance"


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Here's an unusual little diddy... which is... of course... trance in general. :P

Trance has never really been something I can get into... it's just not catchy enough and tends to sound weird. This song makes no exception since it has the usual repetitive synth, weird background sounds, and an over-used catchy section. It's perfect for those trance fans out there, but that isn't me.

The production is fairly smooth, not real noticeable balance issues. The arrangement could have been better, but it's not bad either. Maybe just a wee bit more variation to the melody... if there is a noticeable melody in trance.

So basically... trance fans go ahead and listen... anybody else... well... I dunno what to recommend.

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I'm always of the opinion that for a site whose existence simply must denote an understanding of how great remixed videogame tunes can feel to veteran players, OCR often gets more anal than makes sense. A site whose listeners are inspired by reliving and recreating these tunes, yet technicalities, while not the only factor, seem to always be the deciding factor in judging new arrangements.

Or in short, this tune sounds so light and fun and it bugs me to think that some technicalities about what this isn't got picked on and as a result I almost never heard this. And yeah I too love the crowd heh, fantastic. =D Its like simple, easy mass happiness when I hear that.

Anyway, not bitching for a solution, just bitching 'cos I was reminded. I really enjoy how this mix makes me feel. I agree that it does stale out later on, but it doesn't make it a bad, just more plain than it was teasing us with. All its doing wrong is not matching the hype it created to start with. Imo.

Lack of innovation does not get points off...just misses out on some bonus points. The arrangement is solid.

I thank Vig (and those judges who adopted a similar perspective) for keeping OCR in check.

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Seems like pretty straightforward trance until you look a little closer; there are a lot of different change ups used to keep this interesting arrangement-wise. There's even a modulation, which you don't hear often in the genre.

I really liked some of the floating synth lines used as counterpoint at the 1:35 point. More like loved.

I think the crowd is really cool but would have been better employed near the end to really kick the song into the atmosphere. Still this is a great dance track, and stays fresh for it's duration.

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Despite not knowing the source, I think anyone can get into this mix, and it's worth a listen. It has a lot of solid stuff going on to bring out the trance feel, and there aren't many flaws that pull the track down. I'm agreeing with most people that the crowd should have been towards the end to really give the track a lift before it finishes, but it isn't bad where it is now.

Nice work, worth checking out.

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Yikes, the samples! Something about them are pretty grating early on for me. The song smooths out after the minute mark though, although it seems like the song is missing some lower end action i.e. some untz untz untz untz.

The ending also seems pretty weak :-( . The song could use some more development after that changeup somewhere around the 2:20 mark - you're led to expect some huge build up for the future, but it doesn't really happen.

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR01512 - Amberstar "AmberTrance"

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