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Robots vs. Knights


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Hey folks. I've decided to continue on with the compo. I'll be posting Round 3 match-ups tonight, and Round 1 and Round 2 music together tomorrow night for voting. For those wondering about my family emergency, my mom passed away last week while visiting India. While I certainly appreciate any condolences you have to offer, please do not post them in this thread; I'd like to keep the thread on-topic. A "like" on this post would be fine, though.

Thanks for understanding! I'm looking forward to everyone's entries moving forward. :)

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Just submitted my entry. This one was quite a bit of a struggle to get the arrangement and flow right, and I also tried to learn some new stuff to make things even more challenging for myself. Anyway, hope you enjoy a nice bit of retro 80s synthwave cheese, looking forward to the other entries!

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Hey folks sorry for the delays but music and voting for the past three rounds are FINALLY up.

Just want to note a couple of things though, regarding filenames:

  • Team names are Team Knight and Team Robot, not Team Knights and Team Robots
  • vs. should have a period
  • Your source should come first in the (Source vs. Source) section.
  • Make sure you’re submitting 16bit, 44.1KHz WAVs. I had to convert some WAV files last night.
  • Please PM me your links on the forums, not on Discord.


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I'm putting my round 4 reviews here since the voting thread for that one is just for votes.

  • Armor Medley: Well, it's a piano medley.  Does what it says on the box.  Almost no integration of themes here, pretty much just three piano covers end-to-end.
  • Lonely Cosmic Workshop: Nice integration of the sources.  Severe overcompression, though, and the levels could definitely use some work.  Could do without the fake orchestral instruments.  Overall, though, this definitely hits the main design goal of the compo.
  • Shovel Power: There's a certain deliciousness in using 80's synths to remix a game designed to emulate 80's game aesthetics.  Other than some odd harmonies a little atypical for the genre, I don't have any substantial crits here.  Fun stuff!
  • Not So Deviant Ballade: Lots of clashing notes, and the various instrumental lines don't sound like they're integrated in any meaningful way.  The vanilla saw lead and the overcompression aren't doing this any favors, either.
  • Ghost in the Machine: As much as I hate cliche titles, you could hardly have chosen a different one here!  Accompaniment is frequently off-key.  More vanilla leads, but at least it's a couple of different ones.
  • Tinkering on Pluto: A very static arrangement.  Instrumentation and beats hardly vary at all after the melody kicks in.  Heavily crowded in the mid-highs, making the instruments very hard to distinguish from one another.  Seems like some lengthy sections are repeated wholesale.
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Okay folks, here's how scoring is working.

Each Squad vs. Squad victory is worth 2 points; not submitting a track gets you 0 points.

For the Boss Battle, the team that has the most remixes listed in the voters' favorite 3 gets to choose between taking 9 points or to counter-pick the opposing team's remixing order for the next three rounds.

Here's where things stand: Team Robot is in the lead with 10 points (from 5 Squad vs. Squad victories) vs. Team Knight with 6 points (from 3 Squad vs. Squad victories). These victories include default victories (i.e. the opposing team did not submit a remix). There was one battle where no remixes were submitted, so no points were awarded for either team.

Team Robot has also won the Boss Battle with 18 appearances in the voters' favorites, vs. Team Knight with 12. This means that Team Robot gets to choose whether they want 9 points, or if they want to counter-pick their remixing order against Team Knight for the next three weeks.

Team Knight, please provide me with your remixing order for the next three weeks ASAP. Team Robot, please let me know if you want the points, or the counter-pick.

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